Socialism 101 #1: Myths of Socialism


April 09, 2022 at 4:00pm - 5:30pm

The Socialism 101 series is intended to be an accessible entry point into socialist politics. It will provide a space for DSA members to work together through confusing jargon and provide historical context to the most common reference points for our movement. Whether you are brand-new to political education or might be interested in a refresher on the basics, this will be a deep-dive into the fundamentals of socialist political thought that aims to further develop anyone’s confidence to articulate their opinions and engage in political activism. The first discussion will be centered on “Myths of Socialism” we have all encountered while living in a capitalist society. We are often told things like “people are naturally competitive,” or “workers are too dumb to run their own lives,” or “socialism is good in theory but failed in reality” in order to justify the horrors of the status quo. We hope to bust some of these myths as a jumping-off point into a longer discussion over four sessions:

Suggested reading:

Week 1 - ABCs of Socialism, first 3 sections 

Week 2 - Communist Manifesto pages 4-23 
Supplemental Reading: From Marx to Gramsci excerpt 

Week 3 - Paris Commune Address

Week 4 - Kollontai: The Family under Communism 

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