Bulletin: Another Example of Bad Things Happening in Philadelphia

You know, we here at the Bulletin swore to our editors that this week’s edition wouldn’t have debate content. “Who’s even watching the debate?” we said.

You know, we here at the Bulletin swore to our editors that this week’s edition wouldn’t have debate content. “Who’s even watching the debate?” we said. “Our guy’s out! They gave a bunch of people in Wisconsin COVID to force him out, remember that? Sure, there are people to vote for in November — Rick Krajewski, Nikil Saval, and Elizabeth Fiedler — but as far as the presidential race goes, what our members decide to do is up to them.” Relaxed, we turned off the TV, closed our social media tabs, and settled in with a printout of next week’s Marxism Reading Group article and a nice hot cup of coffee. Nothing, we thought, could disturb us.

Then, of course, midway through the debate, he pulled us right back in.

“Bad things happen in Philadelphia,” President Trump said Tuesday night, renewing some kind of false claim that this writer is prevented from accessing by a paywall on the Philadelphia Inquirer’s website.We checked our Twitter mentions and it was just as we'd feared: President Trump was talking about us.

In an instant, our fear turned to determination. President Trump must be pretty worried if he’s talking about us on the national debate stage. Did he hear about our canvassing operation and how we’re winning so many down-ballot elections? Has he been following our Green New Deal campaigns? Covertly attending Political Education events? Is he scared of the connections we’ve built with organized labor in Philly? Did he find out about our plan to hit 100,000 DSA  members nationwide?

One thing’s for sure: President Trump does NOT want you to attend our October General Meeting this Saturday. He absolutely opposes all attempts to RSVP via this link. He DOES NOT WANT YOU TO ASK A FRIEND OR COWORKER TO JOIN DSA. When you come to the meeting, he wants you to come alone. The last thing President Trump wants is for someone who was turned off by the debate on Tuesday to find a place where they can meaningfully contribute to building a different kind of politics, a politics by and for the working class. 

That would be a very “bad thing” happening in Philadelphia. 

October General Meeting, with guest speaker Thomas Frank: Saturday October 3 at 12:00 pm



This Week in Unions

Are you a union worker affected by the coronavirus crisis? Are you organizing in your shop or workplace to demand higher safety and sanitation standards? PHLDSA’s Labor Commission is convening a series of calls where representatives from unions in the greater Philadelphia area are discussing and coordinating responses. Email Paul Prescod for more information.

  • New from Paul Prescod of Philly DSA’s Labor Commission: a look at the NLRB under Trump, which has not been, despite the President’s claims, “relentlessly pro-worker.”
  • They’re calling it “ the largest hospital union victory in the South since 1975” — RNs at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina voted overwhelmingly to join National Nurses United. It’s the biggest union win in the South since Smithfield Foods.
  • Finally: Philly sports teams seem to have had, on balance, a bad week, but Your Philadelphia Union kept on rolling with a 3-0 win over David Beckham’s Inter Miami. They’re good for second in MLS East, and they’re undoubtedly one of the hottest teams in American soccer.


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Marxism Reading Group: Formation vs. Location
Wednesday, Sep 23 | 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm | Virtual

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Thursday, Sep 24 | 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm | Virtual

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