Bidentin: Don’t Forget That Joe Biden Hates You

“I beat the socialist” Joe Biden told WLUK Wisconsin in September. “Look at my career — my whole career. I am not a socialist.” We know, Joe; the socialist would’ve won the general by twenty.


The Philly DSA Bulletin Team would first like to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory in last week’s Presidential election over bloated game show host Donald Trump. We would then like to draw your attention to this map:

This is the electoral college map for the 1932 Presidential election between incumbent Herbert Hoover and Democratic challenger Franklin D. Roosevelt. That was the last time an incumbent faced such an uphill challenge in their reelection campaign. Unemployment was sky-high due to a collapse in the financial system that ground the world economy to a halt. People wanted change, and FDR promised it to them: relief for the unemployed, recovery of the economy, and reform of the system to prevent another crash. He won by twenty points, was reelected three more times, and has arguably been responsible, through the legacy of the New Deal, for every election Democrats have won since.

In 2020, incumbent Republican President Donald Trump faced a similar uphill battle. Unemployment is sky-high due to a pandemic that has basically ground the world economy to a halt. People want change. “Nothing will fundamentally change,” promised Joe Biden. Medicare for All is not on the table (“Single payer will not solve (this) at all”), and neither are any long-term reforms to the healthcare system.

We’re currently at something more or less like this:

with a 50/48 Republican Senate, and it’s blindingly obvious why. The Democratic Party kneecapped the incredibly popular candidate whose main talking point was “free healthcare” and then wobbled through a general election that was closer than any polls predicted, blaming the left for dragging down a ticket that we more than likely buoyed up (given the impressive 75% win rate for downballot DSA candidates across the country). 

“I beat the socialist” Joe Biden told WLUK Wisconsin in September. “Look at my career — my whole career. I am not a socialist.” We know, Joe; the socialist would’ve won the general by twenty. There’s cause for celebration after voting out Trump, but, as Metro DC’s Ben Davis wrote yesterday in The Guardian, this Biden coalition is weak, unstable, and almost certain to fall apart once Trump is off the ballot. “The only path forward for the left,” Davis concludes, “is one of confrontation with the Democratic establishment and a message of economic populism aimed at working-class voters of all races.” 

So, once again, congrats, Joe. If you’re trying to raise the minimum wage or cancel student debt or something, we’re here for it.

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Joining us as a guest speaker will be journalist and former Bernie Sanders speechwriter David Sirota! Mark your calendars for our third virtual general meeting.

This Week in Unions

Are you a union worker affected by the coronavirus crisis? Are you organizing in your shop or workplace to demand higher safety and sanitation standards? PHLDSA’s Labor Commission is convening a series of calls where representatives from unions in the greater Philadelphia area are discussing and coordinating responses. Email Paul Prescod for more information.

  • Zentral waren in Philadelphia auch die Gewerkschaften, insbesondere Unite Here, die Vertretung von ArbeiterInnen der Gastronomie und der Casinos, erzählt Paul Prescod am Samstag am Rand der freudigen Demo zur Feier der Abwahl Trumps. Did you understand that? If so, read this interview with our own Paul Prescod in the Bulletin's Swiss sister-publication Vhateveritzcalled.
  • PASNAP nurses at four area hospitals, including St. Christopher’s and St. Mary’s, are preparing for a potential strike over safe staffing on the floor. “This is not something we take lightly,” ICU nurse Maria Plano told WHYY on Tuesday. But these hospitals are, when we need them most, criminally understaffed. “In situations where they may have needed three nurses, they’re only hiring one,” said RN Annemarie Dellago. “That’s a risk for the patient and the nurses’ health.”
  • Our Buxmont branch has announced a strike support event St. Mary’s nurses on Tuesday November 17. Turn out if you can, and keep an eye on our Twitter for updates on events in the city.
  • Assuming Joe Biden does in fact assume the presidency in January, he’ll have UNITE-HERE to thank after members knocked a reported 575,000 doors (!) across PA for this election. We were glad to rally with Local 274 on Saturday, and we’ll stand with Philly hospitality workers in any way we can through the pandemic and beyond.
  • Finally, YOUR PHILADELPHIA UNION ARE MLS SUPPORTERS’ SHIELD CHAMPIONS after they finished the (truncated) regular season atop the table, taking home their first-ever major trophy and securing a #1 seed in the playoffs.


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