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Tuesday was a great Election Day for DSA and our movement. In races across the country, DSA candidates proved that socialism can win anywhere. 💪 


Tuesday was a great Election Day for DSA and our movement. In races across the country, DSA candidates proved that socialism can win anywhere💪 

In Somerville, Massachusetts, the Boston DSA-endorsed “Sidewalk Socialism” slate won 4 of their 7 races and doubled their numbers on Somerville City Council. 

Our comrades in Twin Cities DSA helped pass a referendum on rent control for both Minneapolis and St. Paul and elected three socialists to Minneapolis City Council — making it the largest socialist bloc in any local government in the country. This is a monumental shift for Minneapolis; the epicenter of last year's George Floyd protests will now have three socialists on city council committed to a radical reimagination of policing in this country. 

Down in Florida, Pinellas DSA elected teacher and community organizer Richie Floyd to St. Petersburg City Council. This is the first time in nearly 100 years a socialist has been elected in Florida! Floyd and our comrades in Pinellas DSA worked tirelessly to bring the movement to the South. At least 25 candidates endorsed by our National Electoral Committee won on Tuesday. 

If you’re interested in replicating these inspiring wins here in Philadelphia, join our upcoming Electoral Committee meeting on November 17 at 6pm. 🗳️ We’ll cover everything related to our candidate questionnaire and endorsement process ahead of the December GM, when the Philly DSA membership will vote on endorsements for the 2022 primary. Candidates will be present to speak about why they think Philly DSA should endorse them. You won’t want to miss it! 

Reminder: Resolutions for our December General Meeting are due on November 20! Please refer to our Standing Rules and/or attend Buxmont DSA’s Resolution Writing Workshop 📝 tonight at 7pm for more information on this process.

On the calendar
Unless otherwise specified, all events are held via Zoom. 

Housing Committee: What is Tenant Organizing? Tonight at 8pm
Discuss the skills and theory involved in organizing with your neighbors to win better housing conditions together. Hear about our ongoing Stomp Out Slumlords campaign to help organize renters at the building level and how you can get involved. 

Spiral Q Peoplehood Parade (November 6) and Art Build (today!)
West Philly radical puppet theatre organization Spiral Q is having their annual Peoplehood Parade on Saturday, November 6 from 1-3pm, cosponsored by Philly DSA’s Racial Justice and Member Engagement Committees. We encourage you to attend and represent Philly DSA during the march. Please plan to arrive between 12-12:30pm, with a meetup spot on 50th and Walnut (look for the red DSA banner). The parade will march from the Paul Robeson house (4951 Walnut St) to Clark Park. If you would like more information about the parade, please contact Aurora Muñoz ([email protected]). 

  • In preparation, we’re hosting a DSA art build at Spiral Q headquarters (4247 Stiles St) TODAY from 12-8pm. Feel free to come even for a short while; we’d love to have you! If you’re interested in joining, please contact Julia Alekseyeva ([email protected] or 773-320-0175). Both the art build and parade are family friendly, and no arts experience is required for the build. 🎨

From the River to the Sea: The History of the Palestinian Liberation Movement, November 7 at 1pm
Understanding the history of Palestine and Israel is paramount to chart the way forward to Palestinian Liberation. Philly DSA and the DSA BDS Working Group will host Rabbi Alissa Wise and Sumaya Awad to learn about this history. ✊

Education Justice Committee Meeting, November 7 at 3pm
Join to learn more about our current work on facilities conditions, public school funding, school board accountability, and support for parent organizing. 

Green New Deal Commission Meeting, November 8 at 6pm
Join for a special Green New Deal 101 for new members at 6, or join for our regular meeting at 6:30.

Red Rabbits and Socialist Organizing, November 11 at 8pm
Join our Defund the Police Campaign and panelists from DSA chapters in Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago, and DC to talk about direct action and engaging in mass movements. 

Philadelphia Rent Control Coalition: Virtual Philly Tenant Power Weekend, November 12-13
The Philadelphia Rent Control Coalition is gathering virtually for a weekend discussion of the state of housing and tenant organizing across our city. Join them for conversations about mutual aid, youth and housing, organizing your block, and more!

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Updates from the branches

BuxMont DSA

Resolution Writing Workshop, November 4 at 7pm
Want to write a resolution for a campaign, project or committee but don’t know how? We’ll walk through general information on resolutions, followed by the process of writing, getting feedback, and preparing to motivate them. 

Anti-Privatization (Towamencin Sewer) Strategy Session, November 9 at 7pm
Join an interactive strategy session on how we can expand on the work we and our coalition of partners in Neighbors Oppose Privatization Efforts (NOPE) have been doing to stop Aqua PA. 

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This week in unions


  • HUGE: Over 22,000 union members are currently on strike in the US.
  • UAW members at John Deere have rejected their tentative agreement, and their strike will continue.
    • A striking Deere worker was killed by a car leaving the picket line. Donate to his family's GoFundMe.


  • Teachers in Scranton went on strike yesterday after negotiations stalled, and the School District has cut off their healthcare - another reason we need Medicare for All.
  • Philly DSA members joined striking Kellogg’s workers in Lancaster again at their cookout this past Saturday. Pickets are 24/7 so DSA members are encouraged to head up any time. 
    • The BCTGM International Secretary Treasurer told the DSA members at the cookout that DSA’s support is noticed and appreciated at their picket lines all over the country.
    • We are proud to share that our chapter donated $400 to the Kellogg’s workers strike fund. Keep the funds coming here.


  • The workers at Community Integrated Services, organizing with assistance from Philly EWOC, are facing retaliation from management after going public and have filed an unfair labor practice charge. Tomorrow, they're holding a press conference outside management's office and need our support. Join them at 441 N. 5th Street at 5pm.
  • Our labor branch has worked hard to put together a Troublemakers School with Labor Notes! If you’re a union member or workplace activist, register to sharpen your organizing skills.

To get involved: If you’re interested in supporting workers who want to organize, organizing your workplace, supporting workers and unions taking collective action, or in building relationships with rank and file union members and leaders, email [email protected]

On the bulletin

  • Philly DSA joined the Philadelphia Public Banking Coalition, which worked with Councilmember Derek Green to introduce a bill in City Council to establish a public bank for the city. 💰 Fill out this form to learn about opportunities to fight for a public bank, and tell us about your lending priorities. 
  • The Housing Committee is still collecting survey responses to help identify landlord and property management companies that DSA members have in common. 🏡
  • Join us on Slack: If you’re a Philly DSA member and you’d like to join our Slack workspace, please email [email protected].
  • Harassment and Grievance Process: Read about the process to file a grievance here.
  • Did you know? You can check out all of our past bulletins on our website.

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“We have an opportunity to press on these issues that we know people care about and that are firmly aligned with the socialist movement. We can use those issues, not only to win specific gains, but to also introduce additional people to the ideology that underpins them.” –  Zohran Mamdani, DSA member and New York State Assemblyman

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