Bulletin: End-of-year Resolutions (on Zoom)

This Sunday is — and we know, we mentioned this last week — our last general meeting of 2020, maybe the worst (and surely the strangest) year in recent memory. What started with a bang goes out with a mask-muffled whimper.

This Sunday is — and we know, we mentioned this last week — our last general meeting of 2020, maybe the worst (and surely the strangest) year in recent memory. What started with a bang goes out with a mask-muffled whimper: our first Bulletin of 2020 trumpeted Bernie Sanders’s polling lead in Iowa and New Hampshire and his massive fundraising advantage over the field, and now our last Bulletin of 2020 is asking you to get on a video call because an in-person meeting would be a 300-person super-spreader event.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Through our over 50 Bernie canvasses, we knocked on 35,000 doors and trained 250 first-time canvassers. We helped send two new socialist legislators to join Liz Fiedler in Harrisburg. We supported organized labor as allies and union members, with DSA members playing key roles in union drives and campaigns across the city. And our Green New Deal Committee has established campaigns on green schools and transit, work that continues into the new year.

What will our goals and priorities in 2021 be? As always, that’s up to you, the assembled membership of Philly DSA, to decide.

This Sunday: The December General Meeting & Holiday Fundraiser!

We have a long list of resolutions, and a special election for chair of the Member Engagement Committee. We’re asking members to send their engaging questions that we can ask of the candidates.

The Bulletin can also share with you, exclusively, the eight member-submitted entrants to the 2020 Philly DSA T-Shirt Contest! Which design will win this year: “The March” for Medicare for All, Black Lives Matter, and Fuck Tom Brady? “Cheesesteak and Roses”? Or will it be the Sixers jersey with the MS Paint text box across the front that says “DSA”?

Your donation will decide! Highest donation wins! No limits! Stuff the ballot boxes! No rules!

Contest ends (and the winner will be announced) at the General Meeting on Sunday.

This Week in Unions

Are you a union worker affected by the coronavirus crisis? Are you organizing in your shop or workplace to demand higher safety and sanitation standards? PHLDSA’s Labor Commission is convening a series of calls where representatives from unions in the greater Philadelphia area are discussing and coordinating responses. Email Paul Prescod for more information.

  • Last week, City Council passed the Black Workers Matter Economic Recovery Package, a set of bills championed by UNITE HERE that provide job security to all hospitality workers who have been laid off during the pandemic. “Knowing that I would have a job when this pandemic ends,” Sheraton cook Walter Barrett told the Inquirer, “would be a game changer for me.”
  • Workers at Access Matters, a local healthcare-access nonprofit, are forming a union! They need help getting management to recognize the union — check out their petition.
  • A recent offshore wind farm in New York could be a model for a labor-friendly Green New Deal, writes Philly DSA’s Paul Prescod in Jacobin. “The Ørsted project labor agreement is showing workers that green jobs are real, and green jobs are here to stay.”
  • The first COVID vaccines have been delivered to Philly — by Teamsters #623. “It was a monumental opportunity and experience,” said driver Stephen Kudless.

Racial Justice Survey Results

Last month, we surveyed our membership on racial justice issues. An executive report of the results is now available, with more details to come next month.


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Monday, Dec 21 | 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm | Virtual

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