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Over the last few weeks, we've seen COVID cases spike to levels never-before-seen during the past two years of this pandemic, and at the center of this massive increase in cases are our public schools. 

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Over the last few weeks, we've seen COVID cases spike to levels never-before-seen during the past two years of this pandemic, and at the center of this massive increase in cases are our public schools. 

Educators have been slammed for asserting that in-person schooling is unsafe when a huge percentage of staff members and students are out sick with COVID-19. With inadequate testing, a shortage of school nurses, and insufficient access to PPE, we know that school buildings across the country are not safe for students or staff. Already, Chicago teachers have fought back and successfully demanded changes to COVID safety protocols. 

Here in Philly, families and teachers have received news of school closures with as little as 8 hours advance notice. Staff COVID cases have already forced more than 100 schools to switch to remote learning. Teachers at schools that haven't yet closed are teaching to empty classrooms or to drastically expanded classes. The safety of our Philadelphia school facilities have long been an issue and COVID-19 only increases the risk to students and teachers in school buildings. 

You can also join our Green New Deal for Philly Public Schools Campaign on Thursday, January 27th at 4pm as we testify virtually alongside fellow educators, parents, students, and community members to demand stronger COVID safety protocols and safe, modern schools for all students.

  • Sign up here to testify at the January 27 Board of Education meeting. We’ll connect you with other testifiers and provide support and templates. Please sign up by Monday, January 24 at noon.
  • Join us on the Philly DSA EJC Board Watch Twitch stream on Thursday, January 27 from 4-6pm to watch the meeting together and  support those testifying.
  • Are you the parent or guardian of a child in Philly public or charter schools? We want to hear about your experiences with school facilities! Reach out to Lizzie R at [email protected].

On the calendar
Unless otherwise specified, all events are held via Zoom. 

Medicare for All Interest Meeting, tonight at 7pm
If you’re interested in working on Medicare for All and healthcare justice in the age of COVID-19, please attend the meeting and fill out this interest form. 🩺

Canvass for Paul Prescod! Saturday, January 22 at noon, Malcolm X Park
Join our first canvass for endorsed candidate Paul Prescod for State Senate! Masks required and if you’re feeling sick, please stay home. We’ll have coffee and hand warmers. ☕

Accessibility Committee Meeting, January 22 at 2pm
Join for news about interpretation for meetings, a discussion space, and more!

Housing Justice Canvass, January 23 at 1pm, Malcolm X Park
Talk with renters about winning safe and affordable housing and gather signatures on a petition for rent control. To RSVP, complete this short form! 

Housing Committee Virtual Porch Hang, January 24 at 6:30pm
Join this free-form meeting time to think through strategic questions and brainstorm new projects. Come with questions, ideas, or things to work on!

Communications Committee Meeting, January 25 at 6pm
Help prep for our Socialist Propagandizing workshop and hear updates from our subcommittees. 

Petitioning & Canvass Training, February 12 at 3pm, Calvary United Methodist Church
Want to hone your skills and learn how to make the most of conversations at the door? Join the Electoral Committee for a comprehensive training on canvassing and petitioning! 

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Updates from the branches

BuxMont DSA
Anti-Privatization Canvass, January 22 at 2pm
Alert neighbors of Aqua PA’s plans to purchase new sewer systems in the area.

Council Watch, January 23 at 4:30pm
Join to discuss what your area Mayors, Municipal Councils, Supervisors, School Boards, and other local government committees are up to.

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This week in unions

  • Retired autoworker, union activist, and socialist organizer Mike Parker died late last week. We are grateful for his work, some of which you can read here. Rest in power, comrade.
  • The union train at Starbucks continues to roll on, with new petitions filed weekly. You can track their elections here!
  • Union workers are delivering COVID tests around the country. Why haven’t we been harnessing the power of union workers for the entirety of the pandemic? We’ll never know (just kidding, it’s because putting resources towards fighting the pandemic is not profitable.)
  • Contract negotiations between the MLBPA and owners could push spring training back. Let’s go Phillies! And all the talented workers on every single baseball team.

Jobs: IUE-CWA is looking for an inside organizer to support a strategic campaign in the Philadelphia area. No organizing experience is required. They are looking for folks who are committed to social justice, looking to get involved with union organizing, and able to get a job at the target. Applicants need to not have a current full-time job, but must have a driver's license and a vehicle. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 

To get involved: If you’re interested in supporting workers who want to organize, organizing your workplace, supporting workers and unions taking collective action, or in building relationships with rank and file union members and leaders, email [email protected]

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  • The Housing Committee is still collecting survey responses to help identify landlord and property management companies that DSA members have in common. Please fill it out to aid future tenant organizing. 🏡
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