Bulletin: Yo, Joe! Where’s our money?

Senate Democrats spent the past month organizing a big impeachment trial against former President/Ex-Twitter user Donald Trump.

Senate Democrats spent the past month organizing a big impeachment trial against former President/Ex-Twitter user Donald Trump. Trump was up for his role in the January 6 fracas on the sacred land of Capitol Hill, but this time, the Senate decided against calling witnesses… for reasons. Democrats couldn’t get enough Mitt Romneys to switch sides and vote against the GOP Big Man, and the vote failed.

All this was, of course, bound to happen. Our real issue with Impeachment II, though, is that the circus has kept more important business (Covid Stimulus Relief and the PRO Act) off the voting floor. At this rate, our $2,000 Biden Bucks (or is it $1,400?) won’t arrive until mid-March! Yo, Joe! Where’s our money?

Along with the smaller checks comes money towards school reopenings, which are often pushed against the wishes of teachers who remain unvaccinated with no clear plan for when or how that will occur. The city of Philadelphia has partnered with CHOP to begin vaccinating teachers “by the end of February” (which the Union has called “an encouraging step”), but the process is expected to take until May, which is just in time for kids to return home for summer break! Stay tuned to Philly DSA social media pages for updates on Philadelphia Federation of Teachers’ Actions across the city, as they continue to fight for safe reopenings and vaccinations.

Next General Meeting Scheduled for March 21

Get those Zoom backgrounds ready for our next General Meeting, scheduled on March 21! The speaker will be our very own Paul Prescod, PFT member and Co-Chair of our Labor Committee.

GM Dates & Deadlines

  • Deadline for General Meeting business submissions: 2/26
  • Draft Meeting Agenda published: 3/5
  • Amendments due: 3/9
  • Meeting Agenda published: 3/12


This Week in Unions

  • Over at The Jacobin Show they interviewed Richard Hooker, secretary-treasurer of Philly’s own Teamsters Local 623, about his personal journey in the labor movement, the struggles UPS workers face under COVID and generally, and how unions break down racial tensions.
  • The Democratic Socialist Labor Commission and DSA's Green New Deal Campaign are launching a push for the First 100 Days of the new administration to pass the PRO Act, which would strengthen unions and the power of the working class to organize on the job. Sign up here!
  • Faculty at the University of the Arts are set to start bargaining their first union contract in March, but university president David Yager is already trying to pull a fast one: in the fall, the school unilaterally cut all full-time employees’ salaries to account for COVID budget cuts, and now they’re restoring everyone to pre-COVID levels… except union faculty. Think that’s messed up? Send Yager and the board an email by clicking this link.
  • Soccer-related union news time: the MLS and the Player’s Union have reached a “tentative agreement” to avoid salary cuts and extend the current CBA two more years. Solidarity with MLS players and specifically our dear Union.



Power to Heal Film Screening & Discussion
Thursday, Feb 18 | 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm | Virtual

Trivia Night
Friday, Feb 19 | 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm | Virtual

Housing Committee Meeting
Sunday, Feb 21 | 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm | Virtual

Member Engagement Committee Meeting
Tuesday, Feb 23 | 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm | Virtual

Organizing in a Time of Crisis
Thursday, Feb 25 | 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm | Virtual

Housing Committee Meeting
Thursday, Mar 4 | 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm | Virtual

Branch Events

BuxMont DSA February Socialist Social
Friday, February 19 | 7pm  | Virtual

BuxMont DSA Political Education Reading Group
Every Monday | 7pm | Virtual

BuxMont DSA Media & Communications Committee
Thursday, February 25 | 7pm | Virtual


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