Will things ever be the same again? It's the final countdown…(for Paul Prescod's primary campaign ⏰) | Bulletin

Can Paul Prescod beat a billionaire-funded, 24-year incumbent to become the next State Senator in the 8th district? The answer is, in part, up to us.  

GM UPDATE: If you are a member in good standing, you should have received a “May General Meeting Important Links” email this week. It includes everything you need to participate on Saturday. Can’t find it? 🧐 Check your spam folder. If it’s still missing, please email [email protected]! If you haven’t RSVPd, please do so ASAP using this link — knowing how many people will attend is super important for planning purposes. See you on Saturday!

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Can Paul Prescod beat a billionaire-funded, 24-year incumbent to become the next State Senator in the 8th district? The answer is, in part, up to us.  

Paul doesn’t have billionaire backers (nor does he want them)! But he has had hundreds of people — including dozens of Philly DSA members — knocking doors and talking to voters about a vision for a city that fully funds its public schools, makes healthcare a human right, and puts power in the hands of the working class.  

To achieve that vision, we need all hands on deck right now. The primary is just 12 days away, and every door we knock in this critical moment brings us closer to victory. We have canvasses scheduled on Saturday, May 7 right after our GM, Sunday, May 8, Tuesday, May 10, Wednesday, May 11, and GOTV shifts on Election Day. If every person reading this email signs up for one canvass shift, we’ll win this thing. So don’t wait – take the time to sign up now! 

🎶 We're heading for Harrisburg, and still we stand tall...🎶

On the calendar
Unless otherwise specified, all events are held via Zoom.

General Meeting, May 7 at noon, First Unitarian Church OR remote
Please join us for our May GM, where you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Vote on matters related to the Local, including the projects and organizing efforts we take on;
  • Get involved with our ongoing work;
  • Canvass for Paul Prescod directly after the General Meeting! We’ll do a training, eat some pizza, and then head straight to South Philly for a mass canvass.

Labor Branch Meeting, May 8 at noon
Join our monthly members' meeting for the Labor Branch.

Political Education Committee Meeting, May 8 at 7pm
Join us to discuss current programming, in-person events, and future plans.

Green New Deal for Philly Public Schools Campaign Meeting, May 10 at 6:30pm
Join our campaign to fund a master plan to reconstruct Philadelphia’s crumbling public schools and create a safe and modern school in every neighborhood.

Member Engagement Committee Meeting, May 11 at 6pm
Join us for a discussion on the role of internal organizing in building a sustainable movement and on the committee's priorities for the coming months.

Marxism Reading Group: Marxist Ecology, May 11 at 7pm
Session readings coming soon!

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Updates from the branches

BuxMont Political Education Planning Meeting, May 11 at 7pm
Come help plan the future of BuxMont DSA’s political education sessions!

Delco DSA General Meeting, May 18 at 7pm
Join fellow members to discuss campaigns and chapter business. All are welcome.

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This week in unions

  • TOMORROW: Teachers, parents, and students at Paul Robeson High School in West Philly are rallying to demand district management commit to long-overdue renovations for their building. Classrooms remain without air conditioning, forcing students and staff to work and learn in dangerously high temperatures during the warmer months (which, as we know, are growing longer and hotter due to climate change). 
    • Support the Robeson HS community by attending their rally TOMORROW, May 6 at 3pm and calling district management to support their demands. RSVP for more information, and read more about their struggle in The Inquirer, featuring a quote from our very own Labor Branch and Steering Committee member Dan R., who teaches at Robeson HS.
  • On May Day, our chapter rallied with coffee shop workers around the city. There will be more opportunities to support them soon — sign up here to get involved!

To get involved: If you’re interested in organizing your workplace, supporting workers who want to take collective action, or in building relationships with rank and file union members, email [email protected].

On the bulletin 

  • Join us on Slack: If you’re a Philly DSA member and you’d like to join our Slack workspace, please fill out this form. Our Slack hosts nearly 400 members who share updates from their DSA projects, get to know other members, and organize between meetings.
  • Harassment and Grievance Process: Read about the process to file a grievance here.

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“Si no hay justicia para el pueblo que no haya paz para el gobierno.” ("If there's no justice for the people may there be no peace for the government.”) - Emiliano Zapata

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