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As we await a decision from the Supreme Court on Dobbs v. Jackson, the case that could overturn Roe, we’re thinking through ways to support people receiving abortions or other reproductive health care.

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As we await a decision from the Supreme Court on Dobbs v. Jackson, the case that could overturn Roe, we’re thinking through ways to support people receiving abortions or other reproductive health care. We’re hosting an information session on what it means to be an escort clinic on Monday at 8pm, and we hope you’ll join us. 

Why is it necessary for volunteers to escort patients to clinics? Here are some things patients may encounter after arriving at a clinic for an appointment:

  • A lack of local clinics can result in patients traveling far from familiar neighborhoods, where they may not know the layout, entrances, or parking. This can cause a lot of confusion on a day that is likely to already be high-anxiety for a number of reasons.
  • Protesters outside clinics can often be angry and aggressive, holding graphic signs and yelling insults. Patients can easily become discouraged from entering the building for their appointment and might even be pushed to leave the premises completely if they feel unsafe or guilted out of their decision.
  • Though illegal, some protesters might physically assault patients, or encroach on their personal space, try to record personal information like license plate numbers and names, and take pictures of patients.
  • Other protesters (often families with kids of all ages) take a calmer approach by adopting a veneer of kindness and concern. They pray loudly for patients and ask if they want more information on alternatives to abortion – even though these options have almost certainly already been presented to patients by abortion providers. These protesters may even attempt to bribe patients with promises of money, prenatal care, or other forms of assistance.
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers are often stationed near abortion clinics with staff ready to try and confuse and lure already-overwhelmed patients into their “clinics” instead of the facility they actually had an appointment at.

Well-organized escorts can provide a friendly face and a safe space as soon as patients arrive in a potentially high-anxiety and confusing situation. They can provide patients with comfort and security, and ensure they aren’t lured into interactions or situations that may be unpleasant or dangerous. 

In situations where patients may feel like responding to protesters with anger or aggression, escorts can help keep the patient moving and deescalate encounters that might otherwise become hostile. Escorts can provide security from the clinic back to the patient’s car after an appointment, too. The presence of a knowledgeable escort will usually reduce the instances of protesters attempting to follow patients off the property when leaving and/or recording license plates or other personal information.

Escorts performing this work alleviate a huge burden from the health care workers as well. Well-trained volunteers managing this responsibility allow clinic workers to focus on providing the care each patient deserves.

If you’re interested in becoming a clinic escort, please RSVP to Monday evening’s meeting. You can also reach out to Melissa at [email protected] to get involved in Philly DSA’s abortion defense organizing. 

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