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This week, workers at a fifth Philly Starbucks store voted to unionize! 

GM UPDATES: RSVP to our July 16 General Meeting here! It will be in person at the First Unitarian Church with a virtual option. We’re now accepting resolutions.

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This week, workers at a fifth Philly Starbucks store voted to unionize! 

It’s no easy feat to organize your coworkers, and Starbucks workers face an uphill battle. Across the United States and here in Philly, management at Starbucks has been stifling unionization efforts through union-busting tactics like worker intimidation, cutting hours, and even firing key employees. Voices of solidarity for the workers are crucial, which is why we’re rallying support from our members and non-members in the community. With just a handful of employees voting at some stores, your support and engagement will make a huge difference. 

We’re now supporting workers at the 12th & Market Starbucks store. They’ve announced their intent to form a union, but they need our support to stay confident in the face of intimidation from management.

We want to provide a friendly, supportive presence for the workers and spread the word to other customers. You can bring a friend and grab a drink, or work remotely from the store. We’ll have Starbucks Workers United merch and everything you need to write a note of support for the workers. Our last Sip-In received positive press, and we want to keep up the momentum. 

Please email Daisy at [email protected] if you can make it for a one- or two-hour shift between 10am and 2pm.

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Green New Deal Commission Meeting, tonight at 6:30pm
Tune in for updates on our chapter's GND work and ways to get involved.

June New Member Meeting, June 26 at 3pm
Join to learn more about our campaigns and meet some of our members.

Green New Deal for Philly Public Schools Meeting, June 27 at 6:30pm
Get plugged in to the campaign working to create a safe and modern school in every Philly neighborhood.

Structured Organizing Training, June 28 at 7pm
The Housing Committee hosts another session of its summer training on organizing techniques, including mapping and campaign escalation. Sign up here.

Accessibility Committee Meeting, June 30 at 6pm
Join the Accessibility Committee for a monthly meeting to discuss ongoing projects, including translations and rideshares. All are welcome.

Capital Vol. 1 Reading Group, June 30 at 7pm
Whether you’re curious about socialism or a long-time reader of Marx, join us to explore the nature of capitalism and its alternatives. This event will be in person, location TBD.

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Updates from the branches

BuxMont Council Watch, June 27 at 7pm
Discuss recent activity of local government committees. 

BuxMont Anti-Privatization (Towamencin Sewer), June 28 at 7pm
Join members working to stop the sale of a sewer plant in Towamencin and support legislation to prevent municipalities from selling public utilities.

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This week in unions

  • ANOTHER Starbucks location in Philly has unionized! Join us tomorrow to support the workers at a Sip-In – more details here.
  • Beer distribution warehouse workers organized with Teamsters Local 830 have gone on strike just before the July 4th weekend, demanding humane schedules, higher pay, and more. Picket lines have begun at two Northeast Philly warehouses and one in Hatfield, PA. DSA is showing up in solidarity! Email Dave F to join a picket line delegation at [email protected].
  • Teamsters at Penn are still fighting for a new contract. Their current contract expires on June 30, and their goal is to end the two-tier pay scale. They’ll be rallying at Penn again on the 30th (time TBA!) so try to make it out. Read more about their fight here.

To get involved: If you’re interested in organizing your workplace or supporting workers and unions taking collective action, email [email protected].

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