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Philly DSA is teaming up with State Senator Nikil Saval, the Philadelphia Teachers Union, and local building trades unions to support a Green New Deal for Public Schools.

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This Monday, the Green New Deal Commission will meet for an introductory session followed by a regular commission meeting. Here's GND Commission Chair Duncan Gromko on what's next:

This summer we've seen a terrible glimpse of what climate change holds in store for us, with flooding around the world and smoke from forest fires on the West coast reaching as far as Philadelphia. Philly DSA is teaming up with State Senator Nikil Saval, the Philadelphia Teachers Union, and local building trades unions to support a Green New Deal for Public Schools. Our SEPTA campaign is participating in the redesign of Philly's bus network. And our GND Commission and Housing Committee held a panel with GND scholar and Philly DSA member Daniel Aldana Cohen and housing organizers on what a GND for tenants could look like - here's a recording of that panel if you missed it! Email [email protected] to get involved in our campaigns!

Read on for more updates this week. 

On the calendar

  • Housing Committee meeting, July 29 from 8-10pm via Zoom; Sign up to attend the bi-monthly meetings of the Housing Committee and discuss the housing landscape in Philadelphia and future campaigns
  • Introduction to a Green New Deal and Philly DSA's GND Commission, August 2 at 6pm via Zoom; Register with the regular meeting link here
  • Green New Deal Commission meeting, August 2 from 6:30-8pm via Zoom; Register here to attend 
  • Racial Capitalism Series: Racial Capitalism, Climate Change, and Epidemiological Crises, August 10 from 6-7:30pm via Zoom; Don't miss the third and final session with Dr. Yarish covering climate change and COVID-19 in Philadelphia, as documented by artists. View the previous session here, and RSVP for session three here
  • The first Steering Committee meeting of the new term will be August 10, from 7:30-9pm on Zoom; Register here 
  • Marxism Reading Group: Reform or Revolution, August 11 from 7-9pm on Zoom; The summer series continues with a discussion of strategy for socialist movements. RSVP here

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On the calendar with BuxMont DSA

  • New Members Meeting, August 3 at 7pm via Zoom; Register here whether you're totally new to DSA or you're looking for ways to get more involved
  • Bucks Tenant Solidarity, August 4 at 6pm via Zoom; Register to get involved in the fight against oppressive landlords in Bucks county and learn about the long-term goal of forming a tenants union 

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On the Bulletin

  • Rally to support the WHYY Union with Dave Davies, TODAY at noon at 150 N 6th St! Join the Labor Branch to demand fair wages and an equitable contract with the WHYY Union: 

  • DSA National is launching a BDS Night School. Palestinian liberation has a home in all DSA chapters, and National is teaming up with top organizers and speakers on the movement to educate our membership. No prior knowledge of BDS is required. Sign up and reserve your spot here
  • DSA National is hosting a convention kickoff event on July 30 at 8pm, featuring a Telethon with Local chapter highlights and guest Congressman Jamaal Bowman. Delegates, you can get your tickets here
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  • Harassment and Grievance Process: In accordance with Article XIII of our Bylaws, a commission has been formed to receive, process, and review grievances for disciplinary action. To read more about the process or to file a grievance you can do so here.

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