Bulletin: Save Hahnemann Action

We have a really important ask this week: a picket at Hahnemann University Hospital on Thursday morning at 11:30 am. Philly DSA will be standing with Hahnemann hospital workers, nurses, doctors, and PASNAP and 32BJ SEIU members to rally against the threatened closure of the hospital. Senator Nina Turner will be there on behalf of the Bernie Sanders campaign (Sanders himself has given several statements about Hahnemann and is using his campaign to do turnout for Thursday’s rally) as well as Philly DSA-endorsed PA State Representative Elizabeth Fiedler and other local unions and allied activist groups.

The closure of Hahnemann will be, if we’re unable to prevent it, a tragedy of the type we see far too often in the United States. The villains are who you’d expect: wealthy bankers and CEOs hell-bent on destroying good union jobs and transferring wealth from the public into their own pockets. The victims are the residents of North Philadelphia who depend on Hahnemann for their health and well-being: working-class people, many people of color, far too many uninsured or underinsured and therefore worth less than nothing to these vultures because they “are not contributing positively to the hospital bottom line.”

The individual who stripped Hahnemann for parts and ran it into the ground was one Joel Freedman, a California investment banker and the chairman, owner, and founder of first Paladin Healthcare Capital and then American Academic Health System, LLC and also Avanti Hospitals, LLC, where he was sued for “corporate malfeasance” by his former CEO (the company was later found guilty of paying illegal kickbacks for patient referrals and settled that suit for $8.1 million). Paladin was last seen doing basically the same thing to Howard University Hospital in D.C.; they stepped in because the hospital was losing money, then cut staff and underfunded key services, leaving the hospital, according to the Washington Post, in “severe crisis.” Many, including PASNAP’s Samir Sonti and the Philadelphia Business Journal, suspect Freedman is set to now make a profit on the “amazing location” at which the hospital is located, which is already being eyed greedily by local real estate developers. He’s also on the advisory board at the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics, a USC-affiliated research center that seeks to ensure “consumers are protected and providers are appropriately compensated without distorting the market.”

But the problem isn’t individual bad actors (or rather it’s not just individual bad actors); people like Freedman and companies like Paladin Healthcare Capital are the natural consequences of a for-profit healthcare system that treats our wellbeing as secondary to their bottom line. It’s all down to the same backwards market incentives, the ones that DSA has been campaigning for years to eliminate by passing Medicare for All. That’s why we’ll be at Hahnemann on Thursday and we hope you’ll come, too, because Hahnemann (if it does close) won’t be the first hospital to have been shut down like this, and without radical systemic change, it won’t be the last.

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This Week in Unions

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  • A year after Janus v. AFSCME, unions are losing money but not members, according to this study by the Inquirer’s Juliana Feliciano Reyes. AFSCME District Council 88 director Tom Tosti called Janus a “wake-up call” for unions that had let traditional organizing efforts slip.
  • Efforts to save Hahnemann have, of course, been spearheaded by our friends at PASNAP. Follow them on social media for updates. 
  • Interested in joining UNITE HERE? They’re running info sessions for full-time hospitality jobs this summer; call (215) 232-3145 for more info, and tell Ryan Nissim-Sabat we sent you.
  • Members of Philly DSA’s Labor Branch watched your first-place Philadelphia Union labor to a 2-2 draw against Orlando City. Goals from Marco Fabián (on his return to the starting eleven) and The Polish Lad.


Save Hahnemann Rally with the Bernie 2020 Team

Thursday, July 11 | 11:30 am | Hahnemann University Hospital | 230 N Broad Street

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