Bulletin: Socialism Wins at the Ballot Box

It’s old news at this point, but it bears repeating: Kendra won! Our next city council will include DSA-endorsed socialist organizer Kendra Brooks, the first independent candidate to win an at-large seat in Philadelphia. Kendra and Nicolas O’Rourke, as the Intercept’s Ryan Grim noted on Rising this week, were up against not just the Republican at-large candidates (the closest of whom she beat by almost 7,000 votes, per the latest count) but also a Democratic Party who, with a few notable exceptions, did not want to see this campaign succeed. So, thank you to everyone who canvassed, phonebanked, and helped make this election a success! We look forward to seeing you at Saturday’s Mass Bernie Canvass in Port Richmond. 😉

Brooks was just one of many DSA-endorsed candidates to win local office last Tuesday. In Charlottesville, VA, site of the 2017 alt-right rally, DSA member Michael Payne won his city council race, becoming the first socialist elected in the city. Seattle was a real nail-biter as Amazon spent $1.5 million (!) in a last-minute attempt to render themselves immune to local taxes. Some of that money, laundered through something called the Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy, went to keeping DSA’s Shaun Scott out of office, though Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative came back to beat sentient Hideo Kojima NPC “Egan Orion” through mail-in votes. Boston DSA-endorsed Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler won election to city council in Cambridge, MA. And finally, our friends out in San Francisco helped elect tenants rights advocate Dean Preston to the Board of Supervisors and, in the highest-profile race of the cycle, prison abolitionist Chesa Boudin was elected as the next San Francisco District Attorney. 

Recent socialist electoral successes in the U.S. can and should be understood as a ~ Bernie Wave ~, and it’s not hard to see why: voters are drawn to Bernie’s agenda and candidates associated with him, and Bernie’s shown a unique dedication to use mass mobilizations to push the Joe Manchins of the world to support it. For more on how Bernie's candidacy can help our down-ballot electoral work, check out chapter Chair Marilyn Arwood’s excellent Socialist Forum article on the topic.

Looking towards South America

In case you haven’t heard, the U.S. is yet again backing a coup in Latin America. Bolivia’s right-wing military, supported by the U.S.-funded Organization of American States (and, people are saying, by the CIA), ousted socialist President Evo Morales on Sunday once it became clear he’d won reelection

Besides statements (thanks Bernie!), there’s not much we can offer at the moment; if you want to learn more, your homework for this week is Greg Grandin’s “A Few Tips on How to Understand Latin American Coups”, Rene Rojas on the Latin American “Pink Tide”, and, for some context, Ralph Miliband’s “The Coup in Chile.” You can also check out this statement written by national DSA’s International Committee. 

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This Week in Unions

If your union does something cool between Bulletins, let us know on Facebook or Twitter! Also, if you’re a union member and a member of Philly DSA interested in getting involved with our Labor for Bernie work, please fill out this form.

  • DSA’s National Medicare For All campaign committee and the DSLC are initiating a social media day of action #DontBargainWithOurLives on Monday, December 9. If you are a union member, sign up to create a one-minute video telling a personal story of how healthcare has negatively affected you and your union at the bargaining table, and why unions need Medicare for All.
  • Last week, the Marciano Art Foundation laid off all their visitor services staff after employees announced an intent to unionize. This week, labor organizers filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board accusing the museum of illegal union busting practices. 
  • The Harvard Grad Student Union announced that the administration has until December 3 (last day of classes!) to reach an agreement before the bargaining committee will call for a strike. Negotiation sessions start this week on Friday.


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