Philly DSA demands Philly’s next City Commissioner be a third party candidate

Philly DSA demands Philly’s next City Commissioner be a third party candidate

December 13, 2021
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Philly DSA joins the Working Families Party (WFP) to demand that Philly’s next City Commissioner be a 3rd party candidate. 

City Commissioners are elected officials charged with administering elections and voter registration in Philadelphia. Of the three City Commissioner seats, at least one must be held by a minority party–in Philly, this means not the Democrats. Traditionally, Republicans have held that seat, and the current Republican City Commissioner, Al Schmidt, is stepping down before the end of his term.

Commissioner Schmidt’s replacement will be appointed by Mayor Kenney and then voted on by City Council. This is a political choice with political costs to Philadelphians. Mayor Kenney can choose a Republican, or he can choose a third party candidate. 

In light of the Republican Party’s coordinated campaign across the country this year to dismantle voting rights in Black and brown communities, it is critical that we push the Republicans out of the Commissioners’ office. Philadelphia should not reward the Republicans for their attacks on democracy. 

Last year, tens of thousands of Philadelphians took to the streets in protest and solidarity to make sure every vote counts. Now it’s time for the Mayor to listen to Philadelphians demanding fair elections by appointing a 3rd party candidate and kicking the Republicans out. 

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