Green New Deal for Housing Panel


July 20, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm



Life has become increasingly unlivable for millions of working class and poor people in the United States: rents continue to rise, gentrification drives people from their homes, and climate catastrophe proceeds unabated. The only way forward is a Green New Deal for Housing which rejects disinvestment, neoliberalism and green gentrification; and instead puts people and our planet first. Despite numerous challenges, there is hope: a burgeoning tenants rights movement continues to grow in the United States, with socialists at its core. This panel will explore the interconnectedness of sustainable housing, the fight for rent control and cancellation, and militant tenant organizing.

Join GND scholar Daniel Aldana Cohen, sustainable architect Jeremy Avellino, organizer Michelle Crouch, and tenant leader Ms. Esther as we think about how we can tie our struggles together to build a winning movement for the decommodified and green social housing we all deserve.


Karim Nathan ·

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