Labor for Seale Town Hall


October 16, 2018 at 7:00pm - 9pm


United Steelworkers Local 10-234
1522 Chichester Ave
Linwood, PA 19061
United States

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Come out to the Labor for Seale Town Hall! Kristin Seale, Candidate for PA House 168, is endorsed by both Philly DSA and national DSA. At this event she will be meeting with local labor leaders and rank-and-file union members to discuss the challenges facing today’s labor movement. Join us as she sits down with union workers to discuss her platform and how socialist demands like Medicare for All and free higher education will benefit the working class and strengthen labor.


  • Medicare For All will provide substantially better care at lower cost for working people.
  • Healthcare is a human right



  • Unions have a right to organize and collect dues. They are essential for protecting the rights, safety, and interests of workers.
  • Right-to-work policies do not improve economic opportunities for working people. In states that have enacted these policies, wages are lower, benefits are fewer, and poverty is higher.
  • Right-to-work is wrong for Pennsylvania



  •  Free college and trade school education should be available to all Pennsylvanians.
  • “We need not just a policy shift, but a cultural shift to embrace the essential nobility of trade work in our society.”


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