Weeknight Medicare for All Canvass


May 07, 2019 at 6:00pm - 8pm


South Philly
1806 W Shunk St
Philadelphia, PA 19145
United States

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Join Philly DSA in South Philly for our next weeknight Medicare for All canvass.

Our multi-payer, for-profit health insurance system is a failure. The US has the most expensive healthcare system on the planet yet experiences some of the worst health outcomes in the developed world. Millions of people are uninsured, and even those with insurance may still experience astronomical healthcare bills. We don’t need a public option or to tweak the ACA, we need a comprehensive, single-payer system that covers everything for everyone. We need Medicare for All!

Medicare for All is a wildly popular demand, with a majority of support from Democratic, Independent and Republican voters. However, if we’re going to defeat the powerful health insurance lobby, we need a mass movement comprised of millions of workers. If you’re interested in helping to build that movement, come canvass with Philly DSA!

Weeknight canvasses are an easy, but important way to have face-to-face conversations with working people about the shortcomings of our for-profit health insurance system and how a single-payer Medicare for All program is the ONLY solution. If you are a first time canvasser, no worries! You'll be trained and paired with an experienced canvasser.

Please contact Vicki with questions about the canvass or to inquire about other ways to get involved.


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