Marxism Reading Group: Underdevelopment & The New Imperialism


November 04, 2020 at 7:00pm - 9pm

Though the twentieth century saw a wave of independence struggles in the colonial world, some would argue that the Age of Imperialism lives on. The end of the Cold War did little to fix pronounced inequalities between the Global North and South. Rather, it brought about new forms of economic domination, wrought by international trade policy and renewed military violence.

In this session, we will continue our discussion of imperialism. This time around, our group turns to more recent theories of imperialism. We begin with the writings of Samir Amin, a major pioneer of Dependency Theory. From there, we'll explore David Harvey's concept of the New Imperialism, used to describe the global role of "emerging economies" of China and India–as well as the US-led War on Terror.

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  • Amin, Unequal Development
  • Harvey, The New Imperialism

Optional Readings:

  • Frank, The Development of Underdevelopment
  • Rodney, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
  • Meksins Wood, Empire of Capital
  • Brenner, “What is, and What Is Not, Imperialism”

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About the Series

Philly DSA's Marxism Reading Group explores a range of topics in Marxist theory. Sessions will focus on big picture ideas, unpacking fundamental concepts of historical, political, and economic analysis, as well as more specific debates focused on issues such as class, the State, gender, imperialism, colonialism, hegemony, and history. Along the way, we'll read some of the most influential writers in the Marxist tradition, including David Harvey, Angela Davis, GA Cohen, CLR James, EP Thompson, and Rosa Luxemburg. Whether you’re curious about Marxism, a longtime activist, or an expert Marxologist, please join us!


September 9: What is Historical Materialism?
September 23: Class I: Formation vs. Location
October 7: Class II: The Professional-Managerial Class
October 21: Imperialism I: Early Theories of Imperialism
November 4: Imperialism II: Underdevelopment & the New Imperialism
November 18: Imperialism III: Colonialism & The Post-Colony
December 02: Social Reproduction Theory


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