Virtual Night School: Class in the Age of COVID

Join Philly DSA as we try to untangle complex questions of capitalism, gender-based discrimination, and sexual identity, with an eye towards moving beyond liberal egalitarianism.


September 16, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm



Zoom meeting

This Fall, Philly DSA will be offering a series of virtual Night Schools, with a focus on the major questions facing the socialist movement in these uncertain times. We’ll consider the implications of the upcoming election for progressive politics, explore the catastrophic impact of the COVID pandemic on our educational system, and discuss the possibilities that emerge from this ongoing political crisis.

Our series begins by revisiting the concept of class. If socialists agree about one thing, it is that we are on the side of the working class. But our era confronts us with a number of difficult questions: who actually makes up the working class in 2020? What does this concept refer to, in an age of rapid technological change, deindustrialization, and precarious employment? Is the middle or “professional-managerial” class our best ally in a moment of widespread despair and demobilization? What can we do to build working class power in the face of COVID-19 and Trumpist reaction?

Night Schools are free and open to all, regardless of previous experience. There are no assigned readings, but we'll be reading an in-session excerpt from Barbara and John Ehrenreich’s influential essay, “The Professional-Managerial Class.”



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