Resolution 11:18:03 To Establish an ad hoc Policy Committee

Authors: Jason Leach

Co-Sponsors: Carly Regina, Kilynn Lunsford, Ben Swartz, Meagan Murphy, Marlin Foreman, Mike Schapira, Robert Jackal, Trevor Miles, Kevan Link, Joseph Wuest, Natalie Midiri, Matthew Porter, Melissa Naschek, Rohan Shah, Rhianna Dean, Paul Prescod, Robert Jackel, Jarek Ervin, Scott Alberts, Victoria Fleck, Dustin Guastella, Erik Lexie, Adam Goldman, Andrew Weiser, Tyler Re, Marilyn Arwood, Matthew Lineberger, Michelle Rose, Mary Migliozzi, Briana Last, Nick Hoffman, Reuben Wilson, Scott Jenkins, Keith Arians, Ben Curtwright, Jeremy Wheatley, James Landrum, David McMahon, Soona Salem, Matthew Ryan, Alex Nagle, Mary Barbee, Andrew Knox

Whereas Philly DSA has strategically and successfully supported candidates for office in the 2018 election cycle; and,

Whereas our backing of DSA-endorsed and DSA-supported elected officials must extend beyond the election cycle by providing them socialist policies for which they can advocate; and,

Whereas advancing democratic socialism locally and nationally requires drafting policies that align with our political vision; and,

Whereas the establishment of a concrete policy platforms for the local chapter will support and advance our political priorities, help better define our collective political identity and help educate democratic socialists and voters on our political program; and,

Whereas democratic participation within Philly DSA is vital to establishing such a platform in contrast to the many top-down, technocratic think tanks that sustain neoliberalism in the United States; and,

Therefore be it resolved, that Philly DSA form an ad-hoc policy committee charged with researching and developing democratic socialist policies related to areas including –– but not limited to –– healthcare, labor, election law, public financing, housing, education and the environment, through the specific activities of: producing policy papers; recommending policy positions to the general membership; holding hearings for input and discussion on policy questions with Philly DSA members; drafting model legislation; organizing regular public fora on policy areas; and,

Be it further resolved, that the committee consist of Jason Leach, Alex Nagle, Melissa Naschek, Ben Swartz, Marlin Foreman, Robert Jackal, and up to three (3) additional interested members to be appointed by the GM chair prior to the convening of its first meeting; and,

Be it further resolved, that this committee will work with any other relevant groups and interested members of Philly DSA to fulfill its mandate as laid out in the following clauses; and,

Be it finally resolved that the term for this ad-hoc policy committee extend for one year; and that the members of this committee may bring forward a resolution to extend the term of committee at that time.

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