Resolution 11:18:05 To Support Mass Mobilizations and Mass Action

Authors: Marilyn Arwood

Co-Sponsors: Jo Wuest, Victoria Fleck, Benjamin Curtwright, Mary Migliozzi, Rhianna Dean, Mary Barbee, Trevor Miles, Kevan Link, Briana Last, Melissa Naschek, Matthew Porter, Jason Leach, Ben Davis, Rohan Shah, Paul Prescod, Jarek Ervin, Mike Schapira, Dustin Guastella, Scott Jenkins, Erik Lexie, Alex Nagle, Adam Goldman, Andrew Weiser, Tyler Re, Matthew Lineberger, Michelle Rose, Natalie Midiri, Nick Hoffman, David M., Reuben Wilson, Kilynn Lunsford, Meagan Murphy, Keith Arians, Carly Regina, Jeremy Wheatley, James Landrum, David McMahon, Syne Salem, Matthew Ryan, Andrew Knox

Whereas, DSA aims to organize meaningful, strategic, and positive political activity based in the needs and desires of the broad working class; and,

Whereas, mass demonstrations and protests around concrete demands are an important tactic when connected to broader strategic efforts to build a popularly based, institutionalized, mass movement capable of meaningfully realizing changes in policy; and,

Whereas, protest activity primarily organized by the relatively small activist Left is often detached from the mass organizations of the working class; and,

Whereas, such protests tend to be episodic, reactive and marginal, and to trade on moral outrage rather than strategic demands, and substitute flashy street-theatre for political leverage; and,

Whereas, most reactive and episodic protests fail to attract mass support and/or fail to induce meaningful political concessions; and,

Whereas, our participation in a given demonstration should not be seen as an end in-and-of itself, nor as a vanity project for an already self-defined “Left”, nor simply as a ritual means to project moral indignation without a set of clear demands and a broader strategy to win them; and,

Whereas, our participation in demonstrations and protests should provide us an audience beyond the already converted activist Left, such as the nationwide demonstrations against family separation led by the labor movement, the rolling solidarity demonstrations for striking teachers across the country and the major rallies and marches organized by Senator Sanders;

Therefore, be it resolved, that Philly DSA will organize, mobilize for, and/or co-sponsor demonstrations and protests that put our organization in a position to bring a democratic socialist message to a broad, mass audience; and

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA will organize, mobilize for, and/or co-sponsor demonstrations and protests that correspond to concrete political demands that are in line with DSA’s political mission; and,

Be it finally resolved, that Philly DSA will organize, mobilize for, and/or co-sponsor demonstrations and protests that can be reasonably assumed to attract have a mass character.

Be it finally resolved, that Philly DSA will engage with such demonstrations and protests by: encouraging mass turnout of its membership through our Outreach Committee to increase the scope of the demonstration; printing signs and literature to distribute at events; promoting our political program and upcoming events to people newly politicized by such demonstrations and protests through active organizing conversations.

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