Resolution 12:17:4 Establish Ad Hoc LILAC (Local Campaign) Committee

Authors: Mark Blaho; Rhianna Dean; Brittany Griebling; Seth Kulick; Jesse Kudler; Greg Laynor; Jeremy Low

Co-Sponsors: Avery Bacchus, Dave Backer, Austin Binns, Alex Braden, Matt Ford, Anthony Hawkins, Amanda Klein, Dave Mesing, Thomas Patteson, Nick O’Brien, Larissa Sapko

Whereas, Local campaigns promote the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and our demand for socialism in our time; and,



Whereas, Local campaigns foster grassroots power, community trust, and relationships in our city via cross-demographic relationship-building and coalition work; and,

Whereas, Local campaigns provide the opportunity to add a socialist perspective to local activist work; and,



Whereas, Local campaigns increase member identification and engagement with DSA; and,



Whereas, Local campaigns hone and diversify member skills; and,



Whereas, Local campaigns attract new members to grow the chapter; and,



Whereas, Philadelphia DSA currently lacks a locally-focused campaign that addresses conditions specific to Philadelphia; and,

Therefore, be it resolved, that Philadelphia DSA will establish an Ad-Hoc Committee, which shall run local campaigns. “Local campaigns” are hereby defined as “campaigns that aim primarily to influence key policies, institutions, and people within the city limits of Philadelphia”; and,

Be it further resolved, that the Ad-Hoc Committee, known as Local Initiative/Local Action Committee, or LILAC, shall operate between the date of its first meeting and December 3, 2019, when it shall come up for a review; and, 

Be it further resolved, that all Philadelphia DSA members in good standing are welcome to join LILAC. This Ad-Hoc Committee will be formed in accordance with Article VIII, Section 1 of the Philadelphia DSA By-Laws; and,



Be it further resolved, that LILAC will develop and utilize Ad-Hoc Committee members’ skills and knowledge through direct involvement in discussing, voting on, researching, planning, and participating in locally-focused campaigns. Where possible, we will also aim to link up local work to similar work in other chapters and especially to the national working groups; and,

Be it further resolved, that any campaign(s) selected for recommendation to the Local will be chosen from proposals put forward by members of LILAC and presented to the Ad-Hoc Committee. Proposals will be subject to a vote. Ranked choice voting will be used; and,

Be it further resolved, that LILAC Campaigns will be based on their likelihood of their increasing: (1) the well-being and empowerment of members of oppressed groups (2) democratic control of local institutions and/or (3) socialized ownership of local institutions; and,

Be it further resolved, that any campaign(s) approved by the members of LILAC will be presented to the general membership of Philadelphia DSA. The general membership of Philadelphia DSA will vote to support or reject any campaign; and,



Be it further resolved, if members of LILAC vote to request funds from the Local, LILAC will put forward their request to the general membership at a General Meeting, where it may be supported or rejected; and,



Be it further resolved, that in keeping with Article VIII, Section II of the Local’s bylaws, the chair of LILAC, or another individual selected by LILAC’s membership, will keep the Steering Committee and the General Meetings of the Local informed on the activities of the committee in order to facilitate communication between SC leadership and the branch; and,

Be it further resolved, The first meeting of LILAC shall take place within one month of this resolution’s approval and be open to all Philly DSA members in good standing, with a date, time, and location announced at least once week in advance.  LILAC will be convened by Brittany Griebling until a chair or other leadership can be elected; and,

Be it finally resolved, LILAC will cultivate the highest standards of transparency, democracy, and member engagement, while also ensuring effectiveness in achieving campaign objectives.

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