Resolution 12:17:6 Refer Development of a Temporary Harassment Grievance Policy for 2018 to the Steering Committee

Authors: Jedidiah Slaboda, Dustin Guastella

Therefore be it resolved, that the the Steering Committee in consultation with interested members of our Local, the national Harassment Working Group of DSA , and other chapters of DSA, develop an interim harassment grievance policy to serve our Local through 2018 or until a more comprehensive plan can be developed and approved by the Local; and


Be it further resolved, that this interim policy should adhere as closely as possible to the directions of the 2017 DSA Convention Resolution 33, be in compliance with the constitution of DSA, and the bylaws of our Local; and


Be it further resolved, that the interim policy for 2018 be presented to the Local at the first General Meeting of 2018 for approval; and

Be it finally resolved, that this policy include a definition of the responsibilities and duties of Harassment Grievance Officers (see Resolution 33) or their functional equivalents under the interim policy, a description of how they will be selected, installed and removed.

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