Resolution 2018.12.00: Prepare for Bernie 2020

Authors: Philly DSA Steering Committee

Authors: Philly DSA Steering Committee

Whereas, Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Presidential candidacy transformed national politics through his advocacy of a democratic socialist platform of Medicare for All, tuition-free higher education, a $15-an-hour minimum wage, ending mass incarceration, a job guarantee and a Green New Deal; and,

Whereas, since 2016, Sanders has continued to act as a congressional champion for an aggressive working class agenda –– from taking on Amazon to co-sponsoring the Senate resolution to withdraw U.S. support for the genocidal Saudi war in Yemen –– making him the most popular politician in the country; and,

Whereas, DSA supported Bernie Sanders’ 2016 primary run and leveraged its participation in the campaign into unheard of growth in our membership and national profile; and,

Whereas, DSA National Political Committee (NPC) has created an exploratory Bernie 2020 committee in order to be prepared to play a leading role in a Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign; and,

Whereas, the Democratic Party primary will be hotly contested, the liberal establishment will do everything in their power to undermine Sanders including courting affluent suburban voters to the exclusion of the working class, glorifying “moderate” Republicans and putting forward faux progressive alternatives while carrying water for their Wall Street donors; and,

Whereas, preparing for a Bernie 2020 campaign will provide Philly DSA an opportunity to build relations with unions, progressive political organizations, and others and give DSA the opportunity to put our democratic socialist understanding of politics at the forefront of forces fighting for Bernie in Philadelphia; and,

Whereas, a 2020 Sanders Presidential campaign will be the single most important opportunity for democratic socialists to bring our political message and platform to millions of working class Pennsylvanians in the effort to create a truly national constituency for democratic socialism in the United States; and,

Whereas, Sanders will likely announce his 2020 candidacy in early 2019;

Therefore be it resolved, that Philly DSA encourages Senator Sanders to run for President in 2020 through the Democratic Party primary; and,

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA calls on DSA’s NPC to promptly endorse Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign if and when he announces his candidacy; and,

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA will convene at least one exploratory meeting with potential coalition partners, including but not limited to: the Labor for Bernie network, Reclaim Philadelphia, Neighborhood Networks and interested Local Unions; and,

Be it further resolved, that said meeting or meetings will lay the groundwork for a broad based organized and mobilized independent campaign for Sanders and develop a coordinated provisional strategy for a Sanders presidential campaign; and,

Be it finally resolved, that a report will be issued to the membership on a potential provisional strategy surrounding the campaign to be deliberated and up for adoption at a General Meeting as soon as possible.

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