Resolution 2019:09:01: Endorse Kendra Brooks for City Council At-Large

Authors: Ron Joseph, Austin Binns, Anlin Wang

Co-sponsors: Michele Rossi, Seth Kulick

Whereas, the 2019 National DSA Convention voted to prioritize Democratic Socialist electoral efforts and prioritize class struggle elections that build working class power; 

Whereas, the 2019 electoral cycle presents strategic opportunities for our Local to advance Democratic Socialist politics and program at the municipal level;

Whereas, the 2019 municipal elections present strategic opportunities to advance the democratic socialist agenda, in particular the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, fully-funded public education, an end to the tax abatement, and a Green New Deal for Philadelphia; 

Whereas, this election presents an historic opportunity to defeat incumbent Republicans in Philadelphia City Council who currently hold the at-large seats dedicated to minority parties;

Whereas, a victory by Kendra Brooks on the Working Families Party ballot line can help develop an independent working class political alternative to the Republican and Democratic party machines in Philadelphia;

Whereas, Kendra Brooks has a demonstrated record of activism in support of the values embodied by Philly DSA; and,

Whereas, Kendra Brooks’ answers to Philly DSA’s endorsement questionnaire demonstrate a commitment to advancing a legislative agenda in line with Philly DSA’s values;

Therefore be it resolved, that Philly DSA will endorse Kendra Brooks for the At-Large seats in the Philadelphia City Council; 

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA will support Kendra Brooks’ campaign through regular canvassing, phone and text banking, and media outreach.

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