Resolution 2020.06.02: Support Essential Workers in Philadelphia

Authors: Kilynn L, Dustin G, Paul P

Co-Sponsored: Mary M, Carly R, Marilyn A, Vicki F, Rohan S, Olivia H, Briana L, Syne S

Whereas, City Government has not done nearly enough to protect workers through the coronavirus crisis;

Whereas, many essential workers in Philadelphia are still without basic protections;

Whereas, some employers have failed to comply with public health orders for the protection and safety of workers;

Whereas, Philadelphia workers are still not protected from retaliation for refusal to work in unsafe conditions;

Therefore be it resolved, that Philly DSA organize around pending legislation to expand worker protections throughout the crisis, such as Bill 200328, already endorsed by the Philly DSA Steering Committee, and authored by Councilmembers Gym, Squilla, Johnson, Gauthier, Jones, Henon, Quiñones-Sánchez, Brooks, Gilmore Richardson, and Thomas;

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA aid and encourage members to send letters to their respective councilmembers to support these efforts; and,

Be it finally resolved, that Philly DSA organize a virtual phonebank and day of action to call into City Council and demand more worker protections, an end to budget cuts and a fair transition for workers after the coronavirus crisis.

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