Resolution 2020.06.04: Amend Standing Rules to Allow Steering Committee to Accept Steering Committee Member Resignations

Author: Marilyn A

Co-Sponsored: Olivia H, Michele R, Vicki F, Kilynn L, David M, David R, Rohan S, Briana L, Carly R, Syne S

Whereas, the current bylaws allow the chairs to appoint interim Steering Committee Members in the event of a resignation but does not specify the body which should accept the resignation of a Steering Committee member,

Therefore be it resolved, that an addition to the Standing Rules be made at section "Steering Committee", a new sub-section "Resignations":

1. A Steering Committee Member wishing to resign from the committee should notify the Secretary. The resignation will be voted on for acceptance at the next Steering Committee meeting following the notification of the Secretary.

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