Resolution 2020.10.00: Philly DSA Supports a Fair Contract for the PFT

Authored: Paul P

Whereas the contract between the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and the School District of Philadelphia has expired, leaving educators without scheduled salary and step increases

Whereas the PFT has shown that the money does exist to put in place a one-year contract extension with modest salary increases

Whereas the District is attempting to tie ratification of a contract to an unsafe school reopening plan, thus forcing PFT members to choose between a contract and risking their life

Whereas Philadelphia’s public school workers have repeatedly accepted massive concessions and sacrifices over the last two decades

Whereas a strong PFT contract enhances the quality of public education and benefits working-class communities in this city

Therefore be it resolved that Philly DSA will support the PFT’s efforts for a fair one-year contract extension

Be it further resolved that Philly DSA’s labor commission and canvassing committee and will help coordinate these efforts and develop a program for letter-writing, petition, phonebanking, and/or picketing to pressure the school board and local representative

Be it further resolved that Philly DSA calls on the school board to create a reopening plan based on the PFT’s guidelines that are based in science and the priority of safety


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