Resolution 2020.10.01: Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act Pressure Campaign

Authored: Dustin G

Co-Sponsored: Katie R, Andrew W, Matthew L, Syne S, Paul P, Joanna W, Jack M, Scott J, Olivia H, Amy L, Jenna G, Andrew K, Rhianna D, Jason L, Heather F, Max B, Carly R

WHEREAS, the coronavirus crisis has exposed the weakness of the American healthcare system; and,

WHEREAS, over 30 million working people have applied for unemployment insurance as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and over 12 million have lost their health coverage as a result; and,

WHEREAS, in the middle of the worst public health crisis in a century millions of workers are now left to rely on their own resources to pay medical bills, even as they remain jobless; and,

WHEREAS, the failure to provide health insurance as a basic right at this moment is not only a grave moral failure, it is also a threat to public health; potential carriers of the virus are currently left untreated and unknown; and,

WHEREAS, the only way to adequately address the pandemic is to guarantee health insurance to all Americans; and,

WHEREAS, Philadelphia area Congresspersons Dwight Evans, Mary Gay Scanlon and Madeiline Dean have yet to sign on to the legislation;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Philly DSA shall pressure Philadelphia are Representatives to sign on to Rep. Jayapal and Sen. Sanders Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Philly DSA's Canvassing Committee, in conjunction with Philadelphia area unions and allied organizations, will coordinate these efforts and develop a short-term program for pressuring Representatives including, but not limited to: letter writing, petitioning, phone banking and flyering; and,

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that members of Philly DSA commit to pressuring their own Representatives and participate in Philly DSA's efforts.

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