Resolution 2020.10.02: Philly DSA Against Austerity: Tax the Rich and Defend Public Services in Philadelphia

Authored: Olivia H, Jason L

Cosponsored: Paul P, Carly R, Dustin G, Syne S, Matthew L, Joanna W, Jack M, Scott J, Amy Leigh H, Jenna G, Andrew K, Rhianna D, Mary M, Heather F, Max B, Brad W, Marlin F

Whereas the United States, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia in particular face a likely recession or depression that must be fought with expanded social services, rather than a series of austerity budgets;

Whereas the City of Philadelphia’s annual budget passed in June 2020 underscores the municipal government’s poor priorities during a time when Philadelphians need social services more than ever, resulting in layoffs of 450 city employees and severe cuts to city departments;

Whereas social welfare services require considerable resources that can only be found among the wealthy in our society;

Whereas city workers’ unions, the institutions of Philadelphia’s multi-racial poor and working class, have agitated for effective protective equipment, hazard pay, and the City’s overall commitment to their work, exposing a contradiction between praise for essential workers and Philadelphia’s subjugation to its wealthy class, further activating members.

Therefore be it resolved that Philly DSA acts in solidarity with labor unions calling for personal protection equipment, hazard pay, and an end to layoffs; and

Be it further resolved that Philly DSA furthers these demands by promoting union-led actions such as public demonstrations, phonebanks, and letter-writing campaigns to our members via social media, text, and email, and, where possible, encourage Philly DSA members who are also union members to speak publicly regarding the city budget crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic; and 

Be it further resolved that Philly DSA advocates with elected allies to pressure the municipal government to impose redistributive measures in order to realize these demands, including pressuring major non-profit institutions to pay Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTs), ending the tax abatement, increasing taxes on property and large real estate investors, and further raising the non-resident wage tax.


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