Resolution 2020.12.04: Building Worker Power in Biden’s First 100 Days

Authors: Briana L., Melissa N., Carly R., Scott J.

Cosponsors: Victoria F., Diane I., Jason L., Andrew D., Joshua M., Rohan S., Heather F., Jenna G., Nick H., Alex N., Oliva H., Max B., Mindy I.

Whereas the first 100 days of a presidential administration are a popular framework for political mobilization, and offer the left an opportunity to organize around a set of policy demands; and,

Whereas the Democatic party under Joe Biden has taken the presidency; and,

Whereas despite record turnout in the past election, working class voters continue to drop out of politics; and,

Whereas reversing this trend will require empowering workers politically and economically; and,

Whereas Biden's campaign platform nominally commits to a series of progressive policies designed to do that; and the Sanders-Biden Unity Task Force Recommendations further specify such policies;

Whereas it is unlikely that the Democrats will control the Senate, and currently many political and labor organizations on the left are still in the midst of revising their 100 day strategies,

Therefore be it resolved Philadelphia DSA will develop a 100 Days Agenda to campaign
for executive, regulatory, and legislative actions outlined in Biden’s campaign platform and in the Sanders-Biden Unity Taskforce Recommendations that empower workers politically and economically; and,

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA will concentrate its efforts on those policy solutions that are both most realizable in the short term and most likely to engender a more egalitarian future; and,

Be it further resolved, that an ad hoc 100 Days Coordinating Committee, composed of the first-author of the resolution as chair, resolution co-authors, and up to two additional members to be appointed by the chair, be established to study components of the agenda, coordinate with coalition partners, and make recommendations to the Steering Committee on items for adoption in the 100 Days Agenda prior to Biden’s inauguration; and,

Be it further resolved, that the committee shall consider policy agendas including but not limited to those prioritized by National DSA, Sen. Bernie Sanders, organized labor, and Philly DSA endorsed elected officials, including but not limited to the passage of the PRO Act, an economic relief package to protect workers from the public health and economic impact of COVID, the abolition of the cap on Social Security taxes, the restoration of taxes on the very wealthy and corporations, the passage of a green infrastructure modernization and improvement act; and,

Be it further resolved that the committee will coordinate with relevant standing and ad hoc local and national committees, as well as community coalition partners, organized labor, and DSA endorsed elected officials, to encourage a unified strategy; and,

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA will coordinate with other DSA chapters on the same or similar campaign to successfully move these policies on a national level.

Be it further resolved that the Committee will make further recommendations to the Steering Committee on events and actions to mobilize members to engage in the 100 days campaign and pressure elected officials to support measures that benefit workers over elites; and,

Be it finally resolved, that the Steering Committee will set the term of the committee.

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