Resolution 2020.12.08: Standardize Online Voting

Authors: Daisy C, Emily B

Co-sponsors: Brian B, Austin B, Sue C, Sam D, Emily E, Lindsey F, Duncan G, Hannah H, Jesse K, Khalil M, Will M, Aurora M, Karim N, Hamer R, Chris R, Kelsey R, Michele R, Adam S, Harinee S, Anlin W, Matthew Z

Whereas, democracy is at the heart of the democratic socialist movement.

Whereas, democracy requires transparency.

Whereas, a democratic and transparent voting process must provide clear guidelines on all aspects of the process.

Whereas, certain common sense policies will improve the voting system.

Therefore be it resolved, that for all votes of the general membership that do not take place in person (i.e., they take place over Zoom or a similar platform), the following procedures shall be adopted:

  • The period of time for which voting will be open will be made known to all participants prior to the beginning of the vote period.
  • The time remaining to cast one’s vote shall be made viewable (through a publicly visible clock or timer) to all participants in the meeting.
  • For any vote on which at least two people spoke in favor and two people spoke against, voting will remain open for no less than 1 minute.
  • For all votes, the chair shall issue a “10 second warning” before closing voting.
  • Throughout the debate period, the current list of members on “stack” to speak for or against a motion shall be publicly visible.

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