Resolution 2:18:10 Convene More Frequent General Meetings

Authors: Dustin Guastella, John Hess, Scott Jenkins, Adam Goldman

Co-Sponsors: Jedidiah Slaboda


Whereas, our General Meeting is the major assembly for debate and deliberation among Philadelphia DSA membership; and,

Whereas, General Meetings help generate a sense of shared commitment and camaraderie among Local members; and,

Whereas, more frequent General Meetings will facilitate better communication and more democratic input from the membership; and,

Whereas, more meetings at shorter intervals will allow for greater responsiveness to sudden events and matters in need of immediate attention;

Therefore be it resolved, that Philadelphia DSA shall convene five (5) General Meetings in 2018; and,

Be it further resolved, that following a report and recommendation from the Treasurer and Steering Committee on financial and logistic feasibility, the Local will consider the potential for six (6) General Meetings in the year 2019 at its first assembly that year.

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