Resolution 2:18:11 Support Good Cause Legislation

Authors: Jason Oscar, Jesse Kudler

Co-sponsors: Matthew Lineberger, Matt Wranovics, Sam Schwartz


Whereas, housing is a human right and its provision for all is a basic tenet of socialist politics; and,

Whereas, restricting landlords’ ability to evict tenants can slow the progress of displacement and gentrification; and,

Whereas, in Philadelphia, an average of over 20,000 evictions (targeting approximately 1 in every 14 renters) have been officially filed per year since 2010; and,

Whereas, requiring good cause for eviction increases tenants’ security of home and community; and,

Whereas, requiring a good cause for eviction increases a tenant’s or tenant union’s ability to fight an eviction; and,

Whereas, aligning our organization with the working class via the Philadelphia Tenants Union and putting our support behind this legislation helps build coalition and solidarity in Philadelphia; and,

Whereas, the recent “Good Cause” bill introduced into Philadelphia City Council (Bill No. 170854) and supported by the Philadelphia Tenants Union restricts the definition of a legal eviction and gives tenants more options of recourse to fight evictions, thereby reducing a landlord’s power over their tenants; and,

Whereas, the “Good Cause” bill forbids landlords from evicting tenants without good cause, defined as failure to comply with a lease or other rules; and,

Whereas, the Good Cause bill requires landlords to deliver written notice of good cause eviction 30 days in advance of the end of a lease or date of eviction; and,

Whereas, the Good Cause bill provides tenants the right to challenge whether an eviction is for good cause;

Therefore, be it resolved, that Philadelphia DSA support, Bill No. 170854, also known as Good Cause;

Be it further resolved, that a statement of this support be drafted by this resolution’s authors and approved by the Steering Committee; and,

Be it further resolved, that Philadelphia DSA reserves the right to revoke or modify this support subject to changes in the bill as moves through City Council; and,

Be it further resolved, that Philadelphia DSA will do outreach to turn out its members to council hearings on this resolution via email and social media; and

Be it finally resolved, that Philadelphia DSA voice support for this bill and for Good Cause legislation generally on social media.

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