Resolution 2:18:4 Establish the Right to Rescind Endorsement

Authors: Alex Nagle, Scott Alberts, Arkay Raj, David M

Note that the text of this resolution has changed since it was tabled at the previous general meeting

Whereas, Resolution #2 (Resolution 6:17:2) passed at the 2017 Convention of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America contains the following language: "receive no corporate funding that would introduce a conflict of interest with any part of their political platform (to be determined by the steering committee).”; and,


Whereas, a candidate may receive a campaign contribution after Philly DSA has voted to support or endorse the candidate; and,


Whereas, a candidate may receive financial contributions from corporate donors whose interests conflict with a candidate's campaign platform; and,


Whereas, such contributions would appear in financial disclosures regularly filed with the relevant election authorities; and


Whereas, a candidate may engage in ethical violations that are documented in the public record; and


Whereas, Philly DSA needs a mechanism for determining whether to rescind endorsement or support from a candidate between general membership meetings.

Therefore be it resolved, that if evidence arises that a candidate Philly DSA has voted to support or endorse has taken a contribution from some donor or corporation whose interests conflict with that candidate's stated political platform or if the candidate has engaged in unethical conduct contrary to the values of DSA, no less than five (5)  Philly DSA members in good standing may petition the Steering Committee to vote to publicly rescind the Local’s support or endorsement from the candidate in question. 

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