Resolution 2:18:9 Incorporate Philly DSA

Authors: Adam Goldman

Co-Sponsors: Diane Isser, Dustin Guastella, Scott Jenkins, Melissa  Naschek, Alex Nagl

Whereas, Philly DSA exhibited significant financial growth in 2017, having a total revenue of $17,758, and

Whereas, the threshold for automatic federal tax exemption for unincorporated non-profit organizations is $5,000, and

Whereas, Philly DSA currently operates as an unincorporated non-profit organization, putting the chapter at liability for paying federal income taxes, and

Whereas, incorporating the chapter may shift legal liabilities from individual officers to the incorporated organization.

Therefore be it resolved that the Steering Committee shall take appropriate steps to incorporate Philly DSA as a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization and apply for state and federal tax exemption.

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