4:18:02 Extension of the Ad Hoc Canvassing Committee

Authors: Marilyn Arwood, Jeremy Wheatley, Melissa Naschek

Co-Sponsors: Keith Arians, Soona Salem, Jeremy Wheatley, Rohan Shah, Alex Nagle, Kevan Link, Victoria Fleck, Thomas Clancey

Whereas, the Philly DSA Ad Hoc Canvassing committee was created on December 3, 2017 by a unanimous vote of the chapter; and,

Whereas, since its establishment, the Canvassing Committee has organized 4 of Philly DSA’s 5 Medicare for All Canvasses; and,

Whereas, the Canvassing Committee has trained and mobilized 22 Canvass Captains, 11 of whom have served or gone on to serve on the Canvassing Committee itself; and,

Whereas, the Canvassing Committee has turned out nearly 100 Philly DSA Members to its Canvasses; and

Whereas, Philly DSA members have knocked nearly 3500 doors in North, South, and West Philadelphia, and collected over 700 signatures pledging support for Medicare for All, 200 of whom expressed interest in joining Philly DSA and/or supporting our Medicare for All Work; and,

Whereas, the resolution establishing the committee stipulated that it would dissolve itself in June of 2018; and,

Whereas, there is no provision in the Philly DSA bylaws to create a standing committee of the chapter and therefore only ad hoc committees can exist; and,

Whereas, the canvassing committee is critical for our ongoing Medicare for All work as well as our electoral work; and,

Therefore be it resolved, that the Philly DSA Ad Hoc Canvassing committee extend into June 2019 or the nearest general membership meeting to that month.

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