4:18:03 - Establish Ad Hoc Committee on Organizational Structure

Resolution 4:18:03

Authors: Dustin Guastella

Co-Sponsors: Scott Jenkins, Melissa Naschek, Diane Isser, Jarek Ervin


Whereas, Philadelphia DSA membership and political activity have increased exponentially over the last year; and


Whereas, it is always imperative for an organization to seek to serve its members and the purpose for which it exists in the most effective manner possible; and


Whereas, a democratic organization must seek the greatest number of participants, foster healthy structures and norms for deliberation, debate and executive action; and


Whereas, effective broad organizational structuring should be carried out after garnering input from a wide variety of sources including state and federal laws, the DSA constitution, our current bylaws, committee members in our Local, and the rules, policies and organizational practices of other DSA Locals;

Therefore be it resolved, that Philadelphia DSA erect an ad hoc study committee consisting of one elected representative from each Local Committee for the purpose of examining the following areas and reporting back to the Local with recommendations at or before the first General Meeting held in 2019:


  1. the organizational structure and functionality of Philadelphia DSA in comparison with other DSA locals of similar size;

  2. the DSA constitution and historic forms of organization within DSA;

  3. the bylaws of Philadelphia DSA;  

  4. PA corporation legal requirements and standards;

  5. the financial transparency, reporting and accountability of DSA Philadelphia in comparison with recognized standards in non-profit organizations of similar size and budget;

  6. communications within DSA Philadelphia and inter-committee cooperation;

  7. current practices, rules and norms for democratic debate, deliberation, delegation and accountability to the membership within conventions, general meetings and committee meetings;

  8. the organization and coordination of political campaigns;

  9. the organization of branches, committees and working groups;

  10. the adoption of a permanent grievance policy, code of conduct, including the establishment of grievance officer(s);


Be it further resolved, that the final report and recommendations reflect that the committee has interviewed committee members, solicited and responded to input and advice from our membership and consulted professional legal and financial advice if needed.

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