4:18:05 - Support the Poor People’s Campaign in Pennsylvania

Authors: Dave Backer, Sally Eberhardt, Thom Clancy

Co-Sponsors: Gregory Laynor, Joshua Millhouse


Whereas, DSA’s National Political Committee officially endorsed the Poor People's
Campaign on January 26, 2018; and,

Whereas, there is a diverse and emerging coalition in Pennsylvania to join more than
40 other states and engage in direct actions against the war economy, poverty, and
environmental degradation; and,

Whereas, the primary campaign of Philly DSA, the Medicare for All Campaign, is
directly in line with the “health care as a human right” mission of Put People First PA, a
primary steering organization of the Poor People’s Campaign in Pennsylvania; and,

Whereas, participation in a mass campaign dedicated to achieving material gains for
the poor and working class across the state of Pennsylvania will only advance the
Medicare for All Campaign specifically and the political goals of Philly DSA generally; and,

Whereas, participation of Philly DSA in a mass state-wide faith-based campaign would
provide an opportunity to promote a socialist economic analysis and vision among a
wider swath of working class and poor people;

Therefore be it resolved, that Philadelphia DSA shall support the Poor People’s Campaign in Pennsylvania; and

Be it further resolved, that interested Philly DSA members will coordinate with local activists and DSA’s national coordinating committee to organize and mobilize participation in the Poor People’s Campaign in Pennsylvania and their 40 days of civil disobedience and direct actions.

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