Resolution 7:18:04 Establish Bucks/Montgomery County Branch

Authors: James Lewis

Co-Sponsors: Daniel Kauder, Hamer Rodriguez, Jeanette Marie Culver, Spencer Potts

Whereas, Philadelphia DSA membership is growing beyond the city limits of Philadelphia; and,

Whereas, members of Philadelphia DSA in Bucks and Montgomery Counties are interested in forming an official branch of the Local; and,

Whereas, the bylaws of Philadelphia DSA permit the formation of branches on the basis of geography,

Therefore be it resolved, that Philadelphia DSA adopt the following charter thereby establishing a Branch for Bucks and Montgomery Counties:


The Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America (“Philly DSA”) hereby establish and charter the Bucks and Montgomery County Democratic Socialists of America Branch (“BuxMont DSA”, “the Branch”) of Philly DSA on the terms and conditions set forth below.


  • Territory. The Branch shall have a territory consisting of the Bucks and Montgomery Counties and all municipalities located therein.



  • Powers.  The Branch shall have the power to commission campaigns within its territory, to establish committees in furtherance thereof, to appoint and remove officers in accordance with this charter, to designate times and places for regular meetings, to make application to the Steering Committee for amendment of this charter or for the use of Philly DSA resources, and to otherwise conduct and manage its affairs consistent with this charter and the bylaws of Philly DSA (the “Bylaws”). Neither the Branch nor any officer thereof shall have the power to enter into contracts, make expenditures, or assume financial obligations on behalf of itself or Philadelphia DSA except as specifically authorized in accordance with the Bylaws.



  • Members.  Any member of Philly DSA residing in the territory of the Branch is eligible to join the Branch and may do so by notifying the co-chairs of the Branch in writing. Any member of the branch may terminate their membership by notifying the co-chairs of the Branch in writing.



  • Meetings.  The Branch shall hold a regular meeting for conducting business at least once each calendar month.



  • Officers. The elected officers of the Branch shall include two co-chairs and a  secretary.
  • Co-Chairs.  The Branch shall elect two co-chairs who will be responsible for organizing and facilitating the regular operations of the branch, maintaining adherence to the principles and practices established by Philly DSA and this charter and regularly reporting on its activities to Philly DSA.
  • The Secretary. The secretary is responsible for maintaining official communications and records for the Branch, including correspondence within and on behalf of the Branch, official records the actions taken at all Branch meetings, and the list of active Branch members.


Review of Records and Reports to Philly DSA
The Branch will submit a complete record of any actions (minutes) taken at a meeting of the Branch to the SC for review and approval. The Branch will also submit a written report summarizing its actions at each General Meeting of Philly DSA and at the request of the Steering Committee.


  • Elections.  Elections shall be held for all officers on an annual basis. The secretary shall inform all members of the Branch of the date of an election via email at least three weeks prior. All officers shall serve for a term of one year.
  • Removal.  A vote to remove an officer may be called by a majority vote of members present at a regular meeting. At the next regular meeting, the officer may then be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of members present.
  • Vacancies.  If an office should become vacant, an election for a replacement may be held.
  • Committees.



  • Branch Committees. The Branch may establish committees to carry out its work.

Be it finally resolved, that the Bucks and Montgomery County Branch will convene no later than September, 15th, 2018 to elect officers of the Branch.


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