Resolution 7:18:05 Endorse and Recommit to Kristin Seale for State Representative

Authors: Alex Nagle

Co-Sponsors: Austin Binns, Adam Goldman, David M, Syne Salem, Scott Alberts

Whereas, the fight for Democratic Socialism requires the election of strong socialist candidates committed to a robust working class agenda; and

Whereas, DSA’s recent electoral successes, including the victories of Pittsburgh DSA candidates Summer Lee and Sara Innamorato, Philly DSA’s Elizabeth Fiedler and Kristin Seale, and the stunning success NYC DSA’s Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, prove that the organization is serious about challenging the political elite; and,

Whereas, these victories were won through the hard work of door-to-door, person to person organizing; and,

Whereas, these victories were built on Democratic Socialist platforms that prioritize Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, housing for all, jobs programs, and a just transition to a green economy; and,

Whereas, Kristin Seale, candidate for State Representative in the 168th, is a proud Democratic Socialist campaigning on a powerful working class platform in Delaware County Pennsylvania; and,

Whereas, Kristin Seale’s answers to Philadelphia DSA’s State Representative candidate questionnaire demonstrate a commitment to advancing a legislative agenda in line with the democratic socialist program; and,

Whereas, the nascent Democratic Socialist caucus in the Pennsylvania State House would be strengthened if Kristin Seale defeated Republican Chris Quinn in the general election; and,

Whereas, at its February 2018 General Meeting Philadelphia DSA voted to support Kristin Seale through the May 15 Democratic primary; and,

Whereas, Kristin Seale won the May 15 Democratic primary by 65 votes, thanks in large part to Philly DSA’s field support; and,

Whereas, Kristin Seale’s general election campaign requires a substantial commitment of organizational resources to defeat the incumbent Republican Chris Quinn; and,

Whereas, Philadelphia DSA’s Electoral Evaluation Committee recommends endorsing Kristin Seale in her bid for election as state representative of the 168th District.

Therefore be it resolved, that Philadelphia DSA will support Kristin Seale’s campaign through canvassing, phone banking, fundraising through Philly DSA PAC, and media outreach through the November 6, 2018 election.

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