Resolution 7:18:09 To Provide Childcare at All Meetings

Authors: Maggie Hart, Dave Backer, Sus Sunhee Volz

Co-Sponsors: Kate Cairns, Penny Walter, Joseph Qualtieri, Eamon Caddigan

Whereas, the Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America (Philly DSA) aims to organize with and for the working class and poor of Philadelphia; and,

Whereas, members of the working class and poor are caregivers; and,

Whereas, maximizing meeting attendance is critical to increasing active member participation and diversity of membership in a democratic socialist organization; and,

Whereas, the labor, time, and cost associated with childcare inhibits the ability of caregivers to participate in social movements; and,

Whereas, comrades within Philly DSA have a right to demand their full inclusion; and,

Whereas, capitalist society devalues, underpays, and exploits social reproductive labor; and,

Whereas, democratic socialism should not replicate oppressive structures in the interest of expediency; and,

Whereas, a fully inclusive socialist movement is intergenerational,

Therefore be it resolved, that Philly DSA form an ad-hoc Childcare and Caregiver Support Committee with the following responsibilities and tasks: assessing the childcare needs and resources of the local; ensuring that all feasible methods of satisfying the childcare and parenting needs of the chapter are met; recruiting and facilitating the training of volunteer childcare providers; coordinating childcare provision and caregiver support for on-site events and meetings of Philly DSA; spearheading the creation and implementation of a ‘Socialists Sprouts’ program modeled after Pittsburgh DSA’s guide for family inclusion; coordinating closely with the co-chairs and treasurer of the local as the legal and financial trustees of the organization; and ensuring that Philly DSA members are notified of the childcare and caregiver support resources available.

Be it further resolved, that the ad-hoc Childcare and Caregiver Support Committee shall consist of no less than 3 and no more than 6 members with an initial quorum of 3 members. This Committee shall initially consist of David Backer, Eamon Caddigan, and Robert Jackel, and up to 3 further members to be filled by members interested in the mission of the committee to be appointed by the GM chair in consultation with named committee members prior to the convening of the first meeting. The Committee shall convene its first meeting by December 15, 2018, and shall expire following the next convention of Philly DSA at which time it will issue recommendations to the Membership on how to best institutionalize child care, caregiver support, and family-inclusive practices within the local.

Be it further resolved, that the ad-hoc Childcare and Caregiver Support Committee will issue a survey to all Philly DSA members, and solicit input and feedback on needs and resources via Philly DSA media channels before the first General Meeting of 2019, and will report to the Membership at the first General Meeting of 2019 on its findings and plans to address childcare, caregiver support, and recommendations on family-inclusive practices within Philly DSA.

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