Resolution 9:17:1 Formation of an Ad-Hoc Electoral Campaign Evaluation Committee

Author: Alex Nagle

Authors of Amendments: Seth Kulick, Jeremy Low, & Melissa Naschek

Amended text is italicized


Whereas at its June 2017 Local Convention Philadelphia DSA approved an Electoral Endorsement Criteria;

Whereas the 2018 electoral cycle presents strategic opportunities for our local to advance democratic socialist policies;

Whereas the 2017 National DSA Convention overwhelmingly voted to approve a national campaign to advance "Medicare for All" or "single payer" healthcare;

Whereas Philly DSA has already begun a local campaign for Medicare for All;

And whereas the 2018 Senate, Congressional, Gubernatorial, and State Legislature elections, in particular the May 15, 2017 Democratic Party primary, present strategic opportunities to advance Medicare for All legislation by using interventions in the electoral cycle as a tactic to supplement the local Medicare for All campaign work that is already underway;

Therefore be it resolved that Philly DSA form an ad-hoc electoral campaign evaluation committee consisting of any member in good standing of the Philly DSA local; that this committee be empowered to evaluate the strategic potential for officially adopting or publicly advocating to our members any proposal related to electoral campaign work before the May 15, 2018 primary; that proposals for electoral campaign work include nominations for support or endorsement of candidates, as well as actions, such as call-ins or civil disobedience, in response to a given candidate's position on a particular issue; that the Steering Committee be empowered to approve or reject these recommendations that require more immediate action at any of its regular or called meetings and all recommendations regarding sustained campaign work, namely the support or endorsement of candidates, be presented to the Steering Committee for endorsement and subsequently the membership of Philly DSA to be voted on and approved or rejected at a General Meeting; that any such proposals or nominations be evaluated at least in part for the potential they might have for advancing our Medicare for All campaign; that the ad hoc committee be dissolved upon reporting at the first General Meeting following the May 15 primary; and that this report be encouraged to include any recommendations, advice or resolutions it may deem helpful for future electoral campaign work of our Local.

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