The Subversive Seventies: A Conversation with Michael Hardt


November 17, 2023 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm


Philadelphia Liberation Center

Join Marxist philosopher Michael Hardt to discuss his new book, The Subversive Seventies, and how we can apply it to today's organizing, using Philly DSA's work as a discussion point.

In his new book, Michael Hardt shows that popular understandings of the political movements of the seventies--often seen as fractious, violent, and largely unsuccessful--are not just inaccurate but foreclose valuable lessons for today's political struggles. While many accounts of the 1970s have been written about the regimes of domination that emerged throughout the decade, Hardt approaches the subversive from the perspectives of those who sought to undermine the base of established authority and transform the fundamental structures of society.

Hardt will kick off an open discussion on lessons we can learn from past movements and international perspectives to carry into our current activism.


Philadelphia Liberation Center: 147 W Susquehanna Ave


Sanwal Yousaf ·

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