Philly DSA is now accepting endorsement inquiries for races in 2024. See application instructions below. 

But first, what is a Philly DSA endorsement?

Philly DSA’s electoral work is centered on building the power we need to enact our socialist policy goals. To do so, we prioritize electoral campaigns that build power for the working class in Philadelphia and the suburbs. We will not engage in electoralism for the sake of merely winning elections, but instead to build class consciousness, expand our base, and wield power in support of working class interests. 

We are selective in who we endorse, as a Philly DSA endorsement is not in name only. An endorsement means we will put massive volunteer work — in the form of canvassing, communications, fundraising, and more — into getting an endorsed candidate elected. We commit to building durable and independent socialist electoral infrastructure that can be used to make strategic interventions in municipal and state campaigns and bring us closer to a system of co-governance.

Our current Electoral Committee Co-Chairs are Patrick Wargo and Sam Datlof.

What are the steps in the Philly DSA endorsement process?

There are multiple steps in the Philly DSA endorsement process. Currently, it begins with a detailed questionnaire, attending a candidate forum, and two separate votes — one that is a recommendation to endorse by the Philly DSA Electoral Committee and then the vote to endorse by the entire membership. 

How do I apply for a Philly DSA endorsement?

To apply for a Philly DSA endorsement, candidates should email Philly DSA Electoral Committee at [email protected]. Please include the following information in the body of the email:

  • Name 
  • Pronouns
  • Elected Position/district seat you are seeking
  • Where you are in the process of developing your candidacy (e.g., considering running, actively seeking endorsement, etc.)

We will respond promptly with a link to our questionnaire. 

Questions/concerns about the DSA Electoral Process?

All members are encouraged to join the #electoral-commmittee channel on our Slack workspace

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