Resolutions and Reports

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Standing Rules


How We Make Decisions

As a democratic organization, we make decisions mainly by deliberating and voting as an assembly of all members. We use this direct democracy for as many decisions of the organization as possible. We believe that this democratic practice is an essential part of our socialist vision, and also that the process of formulating political initiatives, deliberation, debate and voting strengthens us all as political actors and organizers. 

These debates happen at General Meetings where we vote on resolutions put forward by members. Resolutions outline what the organization should do, how we should do it, what our collective perspective should be and allow for democratic debate on concrete issues. 

Take a look at past resolutions to get a sense of what resolutions in Philly DSA look like, and what they cover. Check out past reports from committees that the membership has approved to see other recommendations we have adopted.

Any member(s) interested in submitting a resolution are encouraged to contact any member of the Resolutions Subcommittee at [email protected] (subject line RESO) for help with drafting your ideas into an actionable resolution that is in accord with Robert’s Rules of Order. Find the timeline for submitting Resolutions for General Meetings here: Standing Rules



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