Marx Reading Group: Capital Vol. 1


June 10, 2020 at 7:00pm - 9pm



In recent years, capitalism has reemerged as a concept to explain the ongoing political crisis in the US. Even so, it often remains unclear what the term actually refers to: a social system, a historical phenomenon, an ideological view–or something else?

This group will approach Karl Marx’s basic theory of capitalism through a close reading of Capital Vol. 1, presented in an open and informal setting.

In our discussions we will reconstruct the core argument of the text, assess the claims that Marx makes, and reflect on their relevance for a new critical politics.

Whether you’re curious about Marxism, a longtime activist, or an expert Marxologist, join us!

We'll be using the Penguin Edition (Fowkes translation).

February 26: Chapter 1-2 (125-188)
March 11: Chapter 3 (188-247)
March 25: Chapters 4-6 (247-283)
April 08: Chapters 7-9 (283-340)
April 29: Chapters 12-14 (429-492)
May 13: Chapter 15, Parts 1-3 (492-543)
May 27: Review Session
June 10: Chapter 15, Parts 4-10 (544-643)
June 24: Chapters 16-22 (643-711)
July 8: Chapters 23-24 (711-762)
July 22: Chapter 25 (762-873)
August 5: Chapters 26-33 (873-943)


Jarek Ervin ·

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