Resolution 2019.12.00: Bernie Pledge - Not Me, Us

Authors: Dustin G, Victoria F, Syne S, Olivia H, Kilynn L, Jonah G

Cosponsors: Mary M, Elliott B, Melissa N, Alex N, Carly R, Scott J, Jason L, Brittany
Q, Rhianna D, Katie R, Ann W, Joanna W, Jeremy W, Jack M, Heather F, Tom D, Kofi B,
David S, Matthew R, Briana L, Hadass S

Whereas, Bernie Sanders has proven that he remains the only candidate committed to carrying out a
political program that benefits the working class majority including, but not limited to, establishing a
real Medicare for All single-payer system, granting free university tuition and student debt cancellation,
providing free childcare for working families, a Green New Deal with a massive jobs program, a
housing plan to establish a right to safe, decent housing, and an end to the immense power of money
in our political system; and

Whereas, Sanders has proven through his campaign, based on small-donor dollars and mass
mobilization of supporters, that he is the only candidate capable of not only beating President Trump
in a general election but of reorganizing politics around the needs and demands of the many and not
the greed and interests of the monied few; and,

Whereas, Sanders can only win this election if millions of working-class voters are mobilized to vote
and organized beyond the ballot box;

Therefore be it resolved, that Philly DSA and its members pledge to fulfill our promise of knocking
200,000 doors before Pennsylvania’s April 28th 2020 primary election; and,

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA members pledge to individually commit to any combination of
the following:
1. Knocking 250 doors for Sanders
2. Attending 3 DSA sponsored Sanders canvasses by February
3. Hosting 1 canvass for Sanders
4. Hosting fundraising house parties for Sanders
5. 10 hours of phone banking Sanders supporters and undecided voters
6. Bringing 2 co-workers/neighbors/non-DSA members to Sanders canvasses in the next two
months; and,

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA will encourage members to travel to nearby counties and
states to assist in Bernie organizing where needed and to communicate and coordinate with other
DSA chapters and members doing Bernie primary work; and,

Be it finally resolved, that Philly DSA will encourage Democratic Socialist elected officials and other
progressives in Pennsylvania to publicly endorse Sanders in the Democratic Primary.

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