Resolution 2020.06.00 Establish SEPTA Frequency and Route Redesign Campaign

Authors: Amy L and Matthew L

Co-Sponsored: Green New Deal Strategy Committee

Whereas, climate change and other environmental challenges represent a major threat to the well-being of working class people around the world; and

Whereas, the Green New Deal, as described in the resolution proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey in H.Res. 109 and S.Res. 59, aligns the need to address climate change while creating jobs for workers and democratizing control over energy systems; and

Whereas, public transportation is a critical component of any realistic strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and a crucial public service for Philadelphians of all ages and income levels, but especially the working class; and

Whereas, SEPTA’s bus system is the foundation of public transit in the city; and

Whereas, bus system ridership has been declining since 2014, despite population growth over the same time period, with riders shifting to private automobiles and, especially, ride-hailing services; and

Whereas, in 2018, SEPTA commissioned The Bus Network Choices Report as the first phase of a Comprehensive Bus Network Redesign, recommending a ground-up redesign of the network to provide faster service, better coverage, and better and more frequent connections, along with changes in traffic patterns and parking enforcement on the part of the City to prioritize transit, especially in Center City; and

Whereas, to date, SEPTA and the City have taken little action on that report; and

Whereas, the chapter’s temporary Green New Deal Strategy Committee, in consultation with the Local membership, evaluated several possible Philadelphia DSA campaigns, and has prioritized the need for improved public transit in Philadelphia; and

Therefore be it resolved, that Philadelphia DSA adopt a SEPTA Bus Redesign campaign with the objectives and strategy outlined in the appended campaign proposal; and

Be it further resolved, that where feasible Philadelphia DSA Steering Committee mobilize members to attend SEPTA board meetings to advocate for the network redesign; and

Be it finally resolved, that Philadelphia DSA members write their Council Persons, urging them to prioritize public transit in making decisions about land use, street design, and parking enforcement.

See Appendix D: SEPTA Frequency + Route Redesign Campaign Proposal

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