Resolution 2020.12.00: Collaborate with the National DSA Green New Deal Campaign

Authors: Pearl M. and Duncan G. Co-sponsored: Timothy L., Knar G., David S., Shawn H., Aurora M., Mindy I., Ron J., Katie B., Michelle R., Hamer R., David M., Mitch C., Anlin W., John B., Toni D., and Joseph Q.

Whereas, climate change and other environmental challenges set in motion by the capitalist economic system present a major threat to the well-being of working class people around the world; and

Whereas, the Green New Deal, as described in the resolution proposed by Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez and Ed Markey in H.Res. 109 and S.Res. 59, brings the exigent demands posed by climate change into alignment with the socialist objectives of creating quality jobs for workers, including those in frontline and vulnerable communities, and democratizing control over energy systems; and

Whereas, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified environmental crises as they converge with and multiply issues of racial injustice, health, joblessness, poverty, hunger and inequitable access to housing, healthcare, energy and other vital life-sustaining resources; and

Whereas, Philly DSA has voted to create a GND commission and to make GND work a priority of the chapter; and

Whereas, the GND commission has voted to support a national campaign led by the DSA GND Campaign Committee (GNDCC), and policy goals, strategies, and tactics have been evaluated by the Commission; and

Whereas, the National DSA Green New Deal Campaign supports: 1) a federal job guarantee, 2) a “people’s shock doctrine” for a just and green economic recovery plan, 3) public power, 4) GND for transportation, 5) ending fossil fuel subsidies and taxing the rich, and 6) international climate and trade justice; and these goals support the principles developed previously by Philly DSA’s GND Strategy Committee and ongoing Philly DSA Green Schools and SEPTA campaigns; and

Whereas, the GNDCC’s campaign is working in conjunction with DSA’s Medicare for All campaign where the campaign goals align;

Therefore be it resolved, that Philly DSA shall support actions that pressure the Biden administration, and Pennsylvania and Philadelphia elected officials, especially members of congress and the Biden administration, to support executive orders, legislation, and regulations that support a Green New Deal, with a focus on green stimulus programs and existing Philly DSA GND campaigns; and,

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA will support the actions of, and work in conjunction with the GNDCC whenever possible; and

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA will work with unions to incorporate pro-worker policies into a Green New Deal, including support of the PRO Act; and

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA will work with the DSA Medicare for All campaign to support the Medicare for All campaign in conjunction with GND campaigns when campaign goals align; and

Be it further resolved, that Philly DSA will develop political education resources for DSA members and local union members on the GNDCC national campaign to promote a shared understanding of, and forum for tackling, the immense challenges posed by climate change; and

Be it further resolved, that the campaign will work with Philly DSA's Canvassing Committee, in conjunction with Philadelphia area unions and allied organizations, to coordinate efforts and develop a short-term program for pressuring elected officials including, but not limited to: letter writing, petitioning, phone banking, and flyering; and, Be it finally resolved, that members of Philly DSA commit to pressuring their elected officials for climate justice and to participate in Philly DSA's GND efforts in conjunction with the National DSA Green New Deal Campaign.

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